Georgia Gov. Candidate Vernon Jones Files Brief Supporting Lawsuit Against MLB

Georgia Gov. Candidate Vernon Jones Files Brief Supporting
Lawsuit Against MLB 1

Vernon Jones, a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, has submitted a filing to support a lawsuit attacking Major League Baseball for pulling its All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

In April, MLB caved to left-wing pressure and announced that it was moving its All-Star Game out of the state of Georgia after the state’s voting reform bill was passed into law.

Since the league’s move, the Job Creators Network filed a lawsuit against MLB demanding that the All-Star Game be returned to Atlanta’s Truist Park or pay $100 million to the businesses in the state that face loss without the game.

Now, Jones, who is challenging sitting Gov. Brian Kemp for the state’s top position, has filed an amicus brief supporting the JCN’s lawsuit against MLB.

“The Georgia Legislature has the exclusive power to enact laws and the Judicial Branch has the power to protect the people and ensure the constitutionality and legality of those laws,” Jones said in a statement reported by Fox 5. The MLB’s decision to pull the game out of Cobb County betrayed that legal process and caused significant harm to the very people it purportedly sought to support, small and minority businesses, along with their workers and employees.”

Jones added the league harmed small and minority businesses with its purely political decision to pull the All-Star Game in response to the Peach State’s new voting integrity law.

“It is clear the MLB, Stacey Abrams, and the Biden Administration are playing politics at the expense of the citizens of Georgia. We must fight back against this injustice. I support this lawsuit and am proud to stand up for Georgians. It would be nice if Governor Kemp did the same. Sadly, it seems he is never around when the people of Georgia really need him,” Jones told Fox 5.

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