Georgia Governor Candidate Vernon Jones Slams Hospital For Telling Nurses To Get COVID Vax Or Be Fired

Georgia Governor Candidate Vernon Jones Slams Hospital For
Telling Nurses To Get COVID Vax Or Be Fired 1

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones, who made headlines over the last year for abandoning the Democrat Party and joining the Republican Party to support President Donald Trump, has recorded a video slamming a Georgia hospital for threatening to fire nurses who do not comply and receive one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines.

Vernon Jones, a close ally of 45th President Donald Trump, recorded a video opposing the Atlanta Medical hospital, owned by Wellstar, which is reportedly telling its nurses to accept one of the controversial vaccines or be fired. “I am so upset right now. I’m up here at one of the local hospitals, Atlanta Medical, one of the Wellstar properties, and I’ve got to tell you something,” said Jones.

“My heart was broken when I heard that Wellstar and other hospitals, they are starting now to tell nurses, if they don’t get the COVID vaccination they will be fired. That is un-American,” Jones continued, “That is invading their civil liberties, their choices. Can you believe that? And many of these nurses are pregnant and they do not want this shot. Listen, join me, it’s gone too far, call every local hospital, we have to join and protect these nurses.”

Jones then pointed out that these are the same nurses who were heralded as heroic front line workers by the mainstream media during the height of the pandemic, and decried how they are now being considered worthless if they do not accept one of the controversial vaccines.

“Wait a minute, think of it, it was the nurses that were the heroes at the height of this pandemic crisis,” Jones exclaimed, “They didn’t have vaccination shots then, and they came through, and we called them heroes. And now, these hospitals are making them zeroes.” He then entreated Georgians to support his campaign to become the next governor of Georgia. “Join me, we have to protect the nurses. And it’s happening all across this country. That’s why we have to take Georgia back, and we have to take this country back.”

As National File recently reported, a nursing mother with a “medically compromised” child was told by New York Presbyterian Hospital that her child’s medical conditions were not a reason to be exempt from their requirement for nurses to take one of the controversial vaccines, and provided an audio recording to The Stew Peters Show to prove this. Nurses around the country are facing a similar push to become vaccinated or face termination, regardless of why they may choose not to accept the vaccines.

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