Georgia Recount Monitor Filmed Workers Moving Ballots to Biden Tray

Georgia Recount Monitor Filmed Workers Moving Ballots to
Biden Tray 1

Consetta Johnson, retired paralegal, was designated an audit monitor at the Cobb County Georgia recount location at the Jim R. Miller Event Center in Marietta, Georgia. In a testimony at a public hearing, she said only four Republican and four Democrat monitors were allowed on the floor at any given time in the 40-table center.

“It was impossible to clearly monitor all of the table stations while on the floor since there were approximately 40 table stations and only four monitors,” she said. To make things more complicated, Johnson saw they were not adhering to standard procedures.

“I witnessed many counters not calling out the names for the vote for president. nor were they counting out loud, I noticed that many of the counters were doing their own type of style or format and certainly not following the instructions that they were given and that I had heard earlier,” she said.

“As a monitor it was also extremely difficult, if not impossible, to see the presidential choice marked on the paper machine receipt ballots contain the scan code in the upper left hand corner. I also wondered whether the scan code correctly recorded the vote choices of the voter shown on the paper machine receipt ballots, and there’s no way to know if that was the case,” she said.

When Johnson was not on the floor, she stayed in a marked off area for observers behind caution tape.

“I happened to look up and saw the counters at the table directly in front of me putting ballots in the trademark for Trump and then moving them into the Biden tray,” she said.

Shocked, she started to film it.

“I started to video the counters as they continue to do the same thing. The counters are putting the ballots from the Trump tray then removing them and putting them into the Biden tray. Then the counters are taking ballots from the no vote tray and moving them into the Jorgensen tray and then from the Jorgensen tray moving them into the Biden tray. Then all the ballots in the Biden tray were gathered and put on the table, the other table where the ballot count sheet was filled out,” Johnson said. She reported the incident.

“I called the fraud line and told them what I had witnessed, and I was asked to send the video to them,” she said. It was not reassuring.

“As a monitor and an observer, I became convinced that the entire process was sloppy and organized and demonstrated suspicious and fraudulent behavior,” she said. “In summary, I observed behavior that appeared to me to be completely inconsistent with the fair and accurate counting of ballots. At the tables I was observing my sworn affidavit and the video I filmed confirm my observations of the fraudulent behavior I witnessed and thank you for having this hearing.”

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