Georgia secretary of state announces results of election signature match audit

Georgia secretary of state announces results of election
signature match audit 1

Georgia’s secretary of state announced the results of the
signature match audit of ballots in Cobb County in order to quell
fears of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been excoriated by
many in the media and on social media for dismissing claims of
voter fraud. On Dec. 14, he announced a signature match audit in
order to reestablish Georgians’ faith in the state’s balloting

Two weeks later, that audit in Cobb County was completed.

Raffensperger said only two mismatched signatures were found
among the more than 15,000 signatures audited. He said the
inaccuracy came from a wife who signed the ballots for herself and
her husband.

“It really shows you and should give voters confidence that
there’s accuracy and integrity, and security, in the absentee
ballot process so we’re really grateful for GBI’s support,”
said to WSB-TV.

The signature match audit was the first of its kind in

The audit involved state election investigators examining
thousands of ballot envelopes and matching the signatures with
those in public state records.

While Raffensperger defended the state’s ability to conduct the
2020 election in a fair and secure manner, he has advocated against
Georgia’s no excuse absentee voting and wants restrictions on who
can vote by absentee ballot.

“It’s a huge burden for the counties. In effect, what we are
asking the counties to do is run three elections, one with absentee
voting early voting and then Election Day,” Raffensperger

In November, he
the signature match system during an interview on

“Many people don’t realize that it requires you to do your
signature twice, once for the application, we signature match then,
and a second time when your ballot comes back in, then we’ll
signature match that,” he explained.

President-elect Joe Biden won Georgia by roughly 12,000

President Donald Trump and his legal team continue to challenge
the election results in court, with the latest one challenging the
Wisconsin Supreme Court decision.

Here’s more about the audit in Georgia:

Secretary of State wants to get rid of no-excuse absentee voting

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