Georgia Senate Candidate Ossoff Has Pro-Communist China Financial Ties in Hong Kong

Georgia Senate Candidate Ossoff Has Pro-Communist China
Financial Ties in Hong Kong 1

One of the candidates in the January 5, 2021, run-off election in Georgia has quietly amended his financial statement to reflect his financial dealings with a pro-Chinese Communist media group based in Hong Kong.

According to his amended financial statement to election authorities, Georgia US Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, did work for and was paid by a Hong Kong media conglomerate whose owner has been outspoken about his disdain for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Ossoff, the CEO of a London-based investigative documentary production house – and one that has raised eyebrows over the years, quietly reported in an amended financial statement that he was paid at least $5,000 from PCCW Media Limited over the last two years.

Ossoff failed to reveal this income or his ties to the Hong Kong media group in his previous financial report, which was filed in May of 2020.

PCCW Media Limited is the largest telecom agency in Hong Kong. It is run by Chairman Richard Li who is the son of Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing.

Li has been vocal about his opposition to Hong Kong independence and the pro-democracy movement there who have routinely taken to the streets to protest their disappearing liberties under the rule of the Communist Chinese.

The Chinese Communist Party has consolidated control in Hong Kong after the passing of territorial control in 1997 from Britain to China.

In 2016, Li released a public statement asserting that he was “staunchly opposed to the independence of Hong Kong.” Ossoff’s campaign spokesperson was silent on the point of whether Ossoff condemns Li’s opposition to the island’s pro-democracy movement.

Ossoff’s financial relationship with PCCW isn’t the only controversy exposed in the amended report.

The same amended financial disclosure found Ossoff has worked for and been paid by the Qatari-backed news agency Al Jazeera over the past two years. Al Jazeera was exposed in the 2000s as being a tightly controlled propaganda tool of the Qataris, and one that is sympathetic to many Islamofascist entities and ideas.

Ossoff was openly criticized for similar ties to Al Jazeera during his failed run for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in 2017.

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