Georgia senate runoffs could have significant implications on Second Amendment rights

Georgia senate runoffs could have significant implications
on Second Amendment rights 1

The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

ATLANTA, GA- We cannot understate the importance of January’s runoff elections for the United States Senate in Georgia. If Biden is somehow able to retain the presidency in spite of apparent evidence of election malfeasance in numerous states, the only firewall between liberty and tyranny will be the United States Senate.

Let’s face it. If Biden is certified as President-Elect and is sworn in January 20th, it will be his far-left socialist loving Vice President, Kamala Harris, who will be running the show. She has already pledged to, at a minimum, do away with AR-15s and re-implement the assault weapons ban. Biden would likely do the same.

As Breitbart News notes, the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the United States. Despite the fact that it is black and scary looking, it is no different than a Bushmaster hunting rifle. They are the same thing with only cosmetic differences.

Unfortunately, a significant number of American people do not know the difference between an automatic rifle and a semi-automatic rifle.

Those people tend to be Democrats who don’t realize that their brethren among the elected class are oblivious when it comes to firearms. If it’s black and scary looking, it’s bad. Does it have a scope? Then it’s really bad. 

If Democrats are, somehow, able to win the two Senate seats in Georgia, that would tie the Senate at 50-50. This means that radical leftist Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaking vote in any legislation. And Democrats have big plans, especially where it concerns the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake about it.

One of Biden’s plans to emasculate gun owners is a scheme that will tax weapons, such as AR-15’s, into oblivion, levying confiscatory taxes which would make it cost-prohibitive to own semi-automatic rifles. He also plans on including weapons, such as the AR-15, in any proposed assault weapons ban. This would make it illegal to purchase such weapons.

Democrats also plan on levying confiscatory taxes on ammunition of all types. So, even though they wouldn’t prohibit semi-automatic handguns per se, they will make it cost-prohibitive to purchase ammunition to train with and carry in the weapons for self-protection as well.

In other words, in a climate where Democrats want to defund the police, they also want to make sure Americans cannot defend themselves. Concerned yet? 

In October, Breitbart reported that Biden’s gun control agenda would cost AR-15 owners roughly $3.6 billion in taxes for guns they already own!

What is in Biden’s gun control policy? A provision that would require every AR-15 rifle be registered under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

What would such a provision do? Well, it could be used as the first step toward the development of a database for a future gun confiscation program. Think it cannot happen? Think again. They also said our election systems were safe. 

The plan would levy a $200 federal tax on gun owners for every AR-15 they own, unless some type of exemption was included. We wouldn’t hold our breath.

According to the National Rifle Association’s Andrew Arulanandam, there are an estimated 18 million privately-owned AR-15s in the United States, with that estimate being on the low end. At a tax of $200 each, that would raise about $3.6 billion in taxes were this policy to be enacted into legislation.

That isn’t all. Biden wants to “ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons,” as spelled out on the Biden campaign website.

That would serve to eliminate the supply of AR-15 rifles over time, as well as other firearms which the Democrats label as “assault weapons.”

It would, as stated, become cost prohibitive to own such weapons due to the $200 tax per “assault weapon”. Since it would no longer be permissible to purchase such firearms, they would be destroyed. 

This is why the US Senate races in Georgia are so important, and why Republicans must retain at least one, preferably two seats (you always need a hedge against RINOs such as Romney, Collins and Murkowski).

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One of those Democrat candidates—Jon Ossoff—has already said he wants to ban the sale of semiautomatic rifles and “high capacity” magazines, as reported in Breitbart News earlier this month. Oh, and he also suggests some type of “licensing requirement” for anyone in possession of a semiautomatic rifle already privately owned prior to any such ban.

Earlier this year, we reported about a legislator in Georgia, State. Sen. Donzella James, who has already proposed a bill that would, basically, ban firearms. For more on that, we invite you to:


ATLANTA, GEORGIA- We have been reporting about efforts in various states across the country where anti-gun zealots have been making a run on the Second Amendment.

States that were traditionally “red” states, where conservatives ran the show have started to turn purple, or in some cases blue. Virginia and Colorado are examples of two states which used to be solid Republican that have now flipped.

In both of these states, liberal lawmakers are making a run at the right to keep and bear arms.

Enter Georgia. There have been several laws proposed that would impact the right to keep and bear arms in Georgia.

HB238 would require background checks for any guns purchased at gun shows, to provide that only dealers may legally sell, transfer, or exchange firearms at a gun show, and is known as the “Gun Safety Act.”

SB105 would prohibit the use of “bump stocks.”

HB435 would implement a so-called “red flag” law, which would allow family member or law enforcement officers to have weapons seized from an owner under circumstances such as domestic violence, drug use, history of violent behavior, etc.

These laws across the country have raised concerns among Second Amendment proponents about the ability to seize weapons without the benefit of due process. Under Georgia’s proposed law, authorities would have 14 days to provide a hearing.

Whether any of these laws would pass in Georgia is probably unlikely because, fortunately, Stacy Abrams is not the governor.

Most of the state’s gun bills go through the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, which is led by Rep. Bill Hitchens, a Vietnam War vet and a veteran law enforcement officer.

Hitchens says:

“I’m very pro-gun. But I’ve seen the damage they can inflict on many occasions. We have to be very careful about our gun laws and who we will allow to have them.”

Hitchens has also said that both sides of the gun debate are polarizing, which he says conflicts with his personal outlook on firearms registration.

“My feeling on this is reasonableness, you know?” he said.

Rep. Matt Gurtler feels otherwise.

“Law abiding citizens in Georgia shouldn’t have to pay the government a tax or a fee to exercise their natural right to self-defense,” he said.

He has introduced HB2, which would eliminate the need for gun carry permits. In fact, Gov. Brian Kemp endorsed “constitutional carry” during his gubernatorial campaign where he defeated Abrams. Gurtler believes eliminating the need for gun carry permits is reasonable.

“The second amendment says ‘shall not be infringed.’ That’s a no-compromise statement to us (gun rights supporters) and too many Georgians. I think it will make people safer,” he said.

Gurtler proposed a similar bill last year, which did not get a hearing after it came before Hitchens’ committee. Hitchens was noncommittal when asked if it would get a hearing this year.

With that said, there are still some lawmakers in Georgia who are trying to outright ban automatic AND semi-automatic guns. SB-281 would do just that.

The bill, written by State Sen. Donzella James would “prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns.” Pretty cut and dry, right?

Well, as with many anti-gun nuts, Ms. James is, shall we say, a bit uninformed. As we dig into the definitions outlined in this bill, let’s take a look.

  • Automatic or semi-automatic gun means any weapon which shoots or is designed to shoot
  • Automatically, more than six shots, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger; or
  • Without any action needed to fire consecutive shots, other than having ammunition loaded in such weapon’s feeding device.

This lady gives Hank Johnson (D-GA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) a run for their money in the brain cells department. In looking at the proposal, she apparently thinks that semi-automatic guns are the same as machine guns (Section A).

She also thinks the mere act of inserting a magazine into a firearm will cause it to start shooting at will (Section B).  

These are the lunatics that want to tell YOU what YOU can do to protect yourself. They are not only clueless, but they are dangerous.

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