Georgia Supreme Court Slow Walks President Trump’s Lawsuit Claiming Election Fraud – Case Yet to Be Assigned a Judge

Georgia Supreme Court Slow Walks President Trump’s Lawsuit
Claiming Election Fraud – Case Yet to Be Assigned a Judge 1

How many more different layers of corruption do the American people have to endure before their President is rightfully recognized as the winner of the 2020 election?

Continue to pray for the President, his family, and America as a whole.

Sidney Powell, the blessed attorney who is fighting for our President, tweeted that the Supreme Court is now delaying our (America’s) cases in swing states that need to be heard.  These cases show the corruption and the magnitude of the efforts to steal the election from President Trump.

These cases should have the highest priority.  Americans want justice and will not stand for a stolen election.  We will not agree to a communist takeover of America.

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But for some reason, the Supreme Court is delaying cases from being heard related to the election steal.  To date, the courts have heard no cases related to the greatest election theft and fraud in world history.

But it’s not just the US Supreme Court.

On Friday night Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer posted a string of tweets calling out the Georgia Supreme Court for slow-walking President Trump’s critical case on voter fraud.

David Shafer: President Donald Trump and I filed an election contest on December 4 showing that thousand of voters were unlawfully cast and counted in the 2020 general election in Georgia. Two weeks later and the lawsuit has yet to be assigned to a judge who is authorized to decide it. We asked the Georgia Supreme Court to intervene when it became apparent that a judge would not be assigned to the case prior to the meeting of the Electoral College. It declined to do so. There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that does not allow for election contests to be timely heard and decided on their merits.

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