Georgia Witness Testimony: David Gore

Georgia Witness Testimony: David Gore 1

David Gore, a software engineer in Logan, West Virginia, has worked for the past two decades for a company that designs fully autonomous unmanned surface vehicles, primarily for the U.S. Navy. He said that he personally discovered irregularities in the November election.

“So crunching data is something that I do every day of my life. In 2016, prior to the election and purely for fun, I posted analysis to Facebook with my predictions on how each state would vote. And I surprised myself by accurately calling every state except for Nevada. So this year, I repeated my analysis and I was determined to predict the outcome in all 50 states. And up until late on election night, I had nailed every single state. When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to find that things had drastically changed primarily in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.”

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