Gingrich: Georgia Senate ‘Most Important Runoffs in American History’

Gingrich: Georgia Senate ‘Most Important Runoffs in American
History’ 1

A balance of power is in the hands of Georgia voters. Many have called the state’s Senate runoffs the most important factor to the future of America. The two candidates represent very different approaches to public policy on healthcare, immigration, schooling, and law enforcement.

President Trump has already said at a Georgia rally that his team will be zoned in on Georgia’s vote counting.

“These two runoffs are probably the most important runoffs in American history. They have the potential to change the whole direction of the country, because if we win Biden would have to be much more moderate, and if they can elect Ossoff and Warnock, Biden will have a signal to be very radical,” said former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

After witness upon witness testified about potential election fraud, it’s expected that Georgians will take the task of poll monitoring even more seriously during the runoff count than during the presidential count.

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