GO MO: Congressman Brooks Gains Support To Challenge Biden Electoral Votes in Congress

GO MO: Congressman Brooks Gains Support To Challenge Biden
Electoral Votes in Congress 1

Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is going to challenge Joe
Biden’s electoral vote count in the U.S. House of
Representatives, now that it appears the Trump team’s path to
getting state legislatures to send pro-Trump electors for an
Electoral College victory is fading. GOP legislative leaders in
Pennsylvania and Arizona falsely claimed that they do not have the
constitutional authority to support President Trump. The Trump team
led by lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis maintains that state
legislatures have full authority to choose their own electors for
the Electoral College, particularly in the case of a “failed
election” marked by fraud and foreign interference. The Electoral
College votes on December 14, and does not certify the result until
January 6, and Congress can challenge it. Brooks is still looking
for a Republican senator who will step up and join in the effort so
that it can go forward and get a vote in both chambers.

“I would hope that we would have Republican senators who have
the courage and conviction in their beliefs to do the same thing
Democratic senators have done. Every senator has to wrestle with
their own conscience on how they want to defend their country,”
stated Congressman Brooks.

The staunch patriot makes an excellent point. How will some
establishment Republicans look back on their own conduct during
this time of national peril? Wouldn’t you the American voter like
to know how your own congressman would vote, if it came down to a
public effort to try to save the Republic or not?

Some of the patriotic Pennsylvania Republicans in the
legislature are supporting Mo Brooks. The Republican legislative
leaders in both chambers in Pennsylvania confirmed “legitimate
and credible issues” with the 2020 election but still they are
deciding to cop out and not protect the Republic.

“[W]e the undersigned members of the Pennsylvania General
Assembly urge you to object, and vote to sustain such objection, to
the Electoral College votes received from the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania during the Joint Session of Congress on January 6,
2021,” said a letter signed by 75 Pennsylvania legislative
Republicans including the state’s House Speaker Cutler, who
previously called for an audit of the election but appears to now
be weak or subversive. The letter was not formally submitted.

Incoming Alabama Republican congressman Barry Moore is backing
Mo Brooks in the effort. Other House newcomers now have an
opportunity to distinguish themselves, to do the right thing, and
to lead.

The new

matters I support this and have agreed to go
to the house floor from day one and fight https://t.co/Rv1RLRySfm

— Barry Moore (@RepBarryMoore)
December 3, 2020

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