Google Jigsaw Analyst Explains How ‘Cluster Mapping’ is Used to Facilitate Big Brother Censorship

Google Jigsaw Analyst Explains How ‘Cluster Mapping’ is Used
to Facilitate Big Brother Censorship 1

Beth Goldberg, a research program manager at Google’s Jigsaw project, released an article on Medium explaining how the tech giant is taking measures to censor “hate speech” by classifying different users in clusters.

In the article, Goldberg repeatedly equated individuals who “knowingly spread COVID-19 disinformation” with “violent white supremacists” in an attempt to justify Draconian censorship against both groups. She also explained how Google is partnering with George Washington University (GWU) to perfect their Big Brother system of control.

“Cluster mapping was a fitting approach for both the white supremacist movement and medical disinformants due to their often informally organized, decentralized online networks,” Goldberg wrote, noting that a “cluster” is determined when “two out of the 20 most recent posts at the time of classification include hate content.”.

They found that their target groups tend to use Facebook, Instagram, Gab, 4chan, Telegram, and VKontakte to spread links and other content. 

“Blocking outbound links can isolate those clusters from the rest of the extremist network and add friction that potentially deters those en route to harmful content. Removing links can also serve to weaken the redundancies of the hate network,” Goldberg wrote, adding that “that link removal can have a powerful impact on the online hate ecosystem.”

Big League Politics has reported on how Google has blatantly censored content, even if it is posted by elected government officials, when it contradicts the official globalist narrative on crucial issues:

YouTube has deleted footage of Senate hearings held by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) from his own channel on the platform in which doctors gave opposing views to the mandated globalist consensus on COVID-19

Johnson made the announcement in a Twitter post about the egregious censorship conducted by the Google-owned video hosting service…

YouTube is claiming that the videos violated their terms of service, which strictly forbid free and open discussion on COVID-19 that isn’t approved by Big Pharma and the corporate-dominated medical industry.

“YouTube doesn’t allow claims that contradicts local health authorities medical information about COVID-19, to include guidance on treatment, prevention or transmission guidance,” YouTube stated.

Sen. Johnson’s communications director, Ben Voelkel, told Breitbart News that YouTube is not enforcing their policies fairly. He believes Google is just targeting conservatives as a power play against their political enemies.

“Bottom line, it’s an example of big tech singling out conservative voices to silence them. For proof, the same testimony is still up on Bloomberg News’ youtube page,” Voelkel said. 

“Also, this comes just a couple days after the NIH said there was insufficient evidence to recommend against the use of ivermectin to combat covid-19,” he added.“

Google is perfecting their Orwellian system, and the technology used to censor COVID critics and white nationalists will inevitably be extended to the rest of society. The Beast System will not rest until total control is achieved.

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