Green Bay-Area Clerk: Zuckerberg-Backed Activists Sidelined Wisc. Election Officials

Green Bay-Area Clerk: Zuckerberg-Backed Activists Sidelined
Wisc. Election Officials 1

A freedom-loving former election official in Wisconsin denounced one of the key components in the Left’s anti-Trump vote-fraud strategy during the 2020 election.

Ex-Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno said that activist groups had sidelined veteran overseers like herself and seized control of election management, with the apparent blessing of Gov. Tony Evers and other corrupt Democrats at the state and local level.

The county, which encompasses the Green Bay area, was one of several targeted, along with urban pockets like Kenosha, Madison and Milwaukee.

“They had no business doing that,” Juno said, according to Just the News.

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Her state was among the handful of battlegrounds where suspicious activity in the wee morning hours of Nov. 4 undermined public confidence in the outcome.

However, many of the election-stealing cabal‘s dubious assaults on democracy were hiding in plain sight, under the auspices of the coronavirus emergency orders and other phony leftist pretenses.

One of these was the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg into supporting Democrats’ calls for increased “voter access,” while specifically targeting the major blue bastions of otherwise red states.

Some GOP-led state legislatures have since scrambled to close loopholes concerning issues like ballot-harvesting; remote, un-manned drop-boxes; and the reliance on partisan officials and temp workers whose salaries were augmented by activist organizations that the Big Tech oligarch had funded.

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Other state lawmakers and watchdog groups have proposed formal investigations into how Zuckerberg-backed nonprofits like the Center for Tech and Civic Life undermined state laws and regulations.

Juno, a Republican with 22 years of service overseeing county elections, told Just the News’s John Solomon that staffers from the office of leftist Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich were emboldened by the influx of cash and the dire prospect of a Trump victory to overstep their authority.

“[T]he mayor’s office and chief of staff began to take over election functions,” she said. “And that is not something under state statutes they have the authority to do, because under Wisconsin law, municipal clerks, the county clerk and the Wisconsin Elections Commission are the individuals charged with running elections.”

Because pandemic regulations already had thrown planning into disarray, Zuckerberg’s CTCL was able to fly largely below the radar until it was too late to rein in their intended power-grab.

“As we got closer to the November election, we found out that this outside group had come in and was basically trying to redo our forms and documents that we use statewide,” Juno said, noting that they were not even from Wisconsin.

“… [T]hey were beginning to get involved with things that they didn’t have the expertise,” she continued. “… So they were breaking the consistency of documents and processes and procedures used statewide.”

Rather than giving money to the municipalities to use at their discretion, the CTCL maintained control over how its funding could be spent, further undermining the democratic process.

“[I]f those municipalities did not follow what was in those grant agreements, they had the authority to claw back those dollars,” Juno said.

It would have been different if cities “been given money and had the authority to use it how they saw fit,” she added. “But that was not the case. They had to use it how CTCL saw fit.”

Juno, who has since retired, said the state legislature, which has been in Republican control for the past decade, needed to follow the lead of others, like the Georgia legislature, in banning outside billionaires from using their wealth to interfere with voting procedures.

“We need to be really on top of this, because if this is how elections are going to go, we won’t have election integrity,” she said.

However, those efforts faced a setback this week in neighboring Michigan, where a Republican-led commission claimed that, despite finding evidence of Democrat officials having violated the law, it saw no indication of vote fraud in last year’s election.

Former president Donald Trump responded to the news by casting doubt on the lawmakers’ motives.

“The [state] Senate ‘investigation’ of the election is a cover up, and a method of getting out of a Forensic Audit for the examination of the Presidential contest,” he said. “… The report mentions that Detroit engaged in ‘illegal actions’ by blocking our poll workers, and concludes mailing of unsolicited ballot applications ‘demonstrates a clear vulnerability for fraud’, and then goes on to say that no one should question this election?”

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