Hacked SolarWinds platform was used in Dominion Voting Systems, making the entire election subject to cyber interference

Hacked SolarWinds platform was used in Dominion Voting
Systems, making the entire election subject to cyber
interference 1

(Natural News) The Indian journal GreatGameIndia has verified that Dominion Voting Systems machines do, in fact, use the SolarWinds software platform that was exploited and hacked earlier in the week.

An archived screenshot of the Dominion website’s login portal shows SolarWinds written clearly at the bottom of the page as a software partner since 1995.

This is significant because hackers somehow managed to hide malicious code in a recent SolarWinds software update called “Orion,” prompting the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue an emergency memo urging all “federal civilian agencies” that use SolarWinds – and there are many of them – to “power down” their systems to avoid further hacking.

As we reported, everything from the Pentagon to Fortune 500 companies to the Office of the President of the United States uses SolarWinds, meaning a system-wide hack like the one that recently occurred has the potential to take down a lot of the networks that manage and govern our everyday lives.

After news of the hack went public, SolarWinds responded by recommending that all of its customers “upgrade” from the faulty Orion update to the latest version. Customers that are unable to do this are advised to disable internet access on the platform and limit all ports and connections to only those that are absolutely necessary.

Are SolarWinds vendors like Canadian Crown Agent behind Dominion election rigging?

Now that we know Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet during the election while running SolarWinds software, the recent hack raises even more questions about what really took place in the aftermath of the election to push Joe Biden over the top.

Those mysterious “glitches” that resulted in votes being switched or weighted incorrectly appear to have been made possible by a Trojan Horse backdoor hack much like the one that was discovered in the Orion update.

Seeing as how Orion was released back in the summer just a few short months before the election, is it safe to assume that this particularly vulnerable version of SolarWinds software was installed on purpose for precisely this reason, allowing malignant actors to later manipulate the vote counts remotely?

At the very least, authorities should be probing the company, along with Dominion, to get to the bottom of the situation. The fate of our republic depends upon good men doing something rather than nothing, after all.

According to GreatGameIndia, there is the possibility that SolarWinds vendors, rather than hackers, were behind the rigging. Perhaps these vendors worked alongside hackers to make that rigging possible?

The Denver-based Canadian Crown Agent company, as one example, is a vendor of SolarWinds that has an extensive history of interfering with and rigging elections in other countries, including in India where census data was stolen.

It is important to note that Trey Trainor, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Election Commission, is fully convinced that voter fraud took place in every state where ballots were still being counted after election day. Trainor is on record as stating that he believes the 2020 election results are consequently illegitimate.

“The Pentagon is SolarWinds Orion’s biggest customer along with the U.S. Army and the Navy,” GreatGameIndia further reports.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs, which is heavily involved in the U.S. response to Covid-19, is another Orion client and the biggest spender on the tool in recent years. In August, it renewed its Orion license in a $2.8 million order. The National Institutes of Health, DHS and the FBI are also amongst the many branches of the U.S. government that have previously bought the tool.”

You will find more election fraud coverage at Trump.news. You can also support attorney Sidney Powell’s fight to preserve free and fair elections by visiting her website.

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