Hemingway: Voters Have Legitimate Concerns About ‘Very Sloppy’ Election

Hemingway: Voters Have Legitimate Concerns About ‘Very
Sloppy’ Election 1

There’s a difference between acknowledging that Joe Biden will likely be inaugurated in January and continuing widespread voter concern with election integrity, Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said on Fox News Sunday.

“The media have made a big error in how they covered this, an intentional error. Which is that there’s a difference between the likelihood that Joe Biden will be the next president, which Republican leaders have known all along, and the very real concerns that 74 million Trump voters have about election integrity and how mail-in balloting did not lead to a secure election,” she said.

“There are legitimate stories here that could be covered by a credible media that wasn’t so partisan,” Hemingway said after dismissing claims by the corporate press that President Trump was ready to declare martial law to dispute the results. “There are very legitimate concerns about this very sloppy election.”

Hemingway continued, “We all know that mail-in balloting was widely expanded. We all know and have known or a very long time that that leads to greater opportunities for fraud. We know that the standards for checking ballots were in decline.”

Yet legacy outlets, Hemingway emphasized, are only covering the story in “the most outlandish way,” making corporate press the true culprits in undermining the electoral process.

“There really will be, moving forward, attempts to deal with this electoral situation so that people can have confidence, and our media have not been covering that story,” Hemingway said.

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