“I Saw Voter Fraud!” – Michigan Election Observer Was Witness to Fraud but Was Kicked Out of TCF When He Started Recording the Fraud (Video)

“I Saw Voter Fraud!” – Michigan Election Observer Was
Witness to Fraud but Was Kicked Out of TCF When He Started
Recording the Fraud (Video) 1

Bob Cushman saw voter fraud in Detroit.�

Bob was one of the poll challengers who witnessed the suspicious
boxes of ballots arrive 8 hours after polls closed.

When he was counting absentee ballots dumped in the middle of
the night at 4am, the BIDEN BALLOT DUMP, he  said, â€œNone
of the names were in the pollbooks, even though these had been
updated on Saturday.†Cushman said.   He added, “So the only
explanation is that these are people who registered to vote and
voted on Monday and Tuesday. It’s impossible.â€

Even though he’s confident he saw voter fraud in favor of Joe
Biden, possibly to the scale of 60,000 fraudulent votes, he’s
urging that a Michigan RECOUNT NOT BE DONE!

Certain types of Michigan voter fraud, due to state election
laws, cannot be effectively challenged with a recount.

The poll book had been updated on the Saturday before
election day, and yet there were tens of thousands of brand-new
voters registered Monday or Tuesday.
According to Cushman,
he wrote down the names of these suspicious voters, and after he
started recording the voter fraud happening in his midst, he was
ejected. He was prevented from writing down the names.

“We were afraid from objecting too much, because GOP Poll
Challengers were being arbitrarily ejected all day long.â€

During the voter fraud hearing this past week before the
Michigan House, Democrat Representative David LaGrand asked Rudy
Giuliani, the President’s attorney, why, if there was suspected
fraud by witnesses like Cushman, that a recount was not
requested within the days required under Michigan law.

Cushman explains why that would be pointless: Michigan law
PREVENTS the recount of any ballot box where the number reported
from the box doesn’t match the number of ballots inside the box.
Meaning that a box with 200 ballots and reporting 1000 votes for
Biden, cannot be recounted. The elections officials refer to this
as “unbalanced†boxes, but they are an indication of something
seriously, severely, wrong in the election results from Wayne

In Wayne County, 71% of the absentee ballot boxes DO NOT
MATCH. Meaning that they CANNOT BE RECOUNTED. 

Explains Cushman: “If there’s mass fraud going on, you
can’t check it through a recount.†

Incredibly, during the House Hearing, Democrats were taking
credit for the fact that more ballot boxes “balanced†than in
Detroit’s 2020 primary, where an astounding 72% of ballot boxes
did not “match.â€

This has the effect of causing the numbers on election night to
be beyond any challenge, even if a recount were to find major
discrepancies. Additionally, Cushman explains that if a ballot
box’s seal is broken, or if it is an unapproved container, it
cannot be recounted either, with no word on how many Detroit ballot
boxes are unable to be recounted due to a broken seal.

Cushman also says that the poll challenging process in
Detroit is fundamentally flawed
: explaining that 99% of the
challenges where GOP Poll Observers saw voter irregularities,
illegal ballots, and potential voter fraud, are being counted
anyway. “None of the challenged ballots ever get removed, so
it’s pointless.†Cushman compared the process to a magician
fooling people, in that the presence of challengers makes the
process seem valid, but in reality none of the challenged illegal
ballots are suppressed.

“I saw bogus, fake people, and they processed them anyway.â€
Cushman described seeing scores of ballots that were not in the
list of legal voters, and lacked any registration information, and
had no legal justification for being counted, and yet were
tabulated and counted anyway. Cushman’s statements match some of
the testimony from Jessy Jacob, a Detroit City Worker who worked in
the Elections Department and said at the Giuliani hearing before
the Michigan House that it was official Detroit policy NOT to check
voters for whether they were legal voters or not.

Says Cushman: “I saw people who were not in the poll book, and
they just added them anyway in order to let them vote. It was
illegal, but it was standard procedure in Detroit.â€

Cushman said that Detroit poll workers would hide the
ballots from being reviewed, flipping them over so that they would
be removed from view
. “I wanted to see the names on the
ballot, the fact 50,000 ballots showed up in the middle of the
night was a huge red flag. They made sure I saw nothing.â€

The Trump legal team has been reviewing the voting machines in
northern Michigan, in Antrim County, to determine if there were
software problems with Dominion’s machines. If those machines
reveal problems, they may lead back to Detroit and answer why the
4am Biden Ballot Dump was needed: to try and help make the ballot
boxes match the electronic fraud underway. The early morning
delivery of physical ballots would help assist and aid the digital
fraud being alleged, if the allegations are true. 

Cushman said he saw thousands of ballots arrive AFTER
the counting of the military ballots, yet another ballot dump that
goes officially unexplained but further adds to the suspicion that
massive voter fraud occurred at the TCF Center in Detroit on
election night. 

Cushman agreed that he has been a witness to systemic voter
fraud, but gave a mere 3 minute statement to the Michigan Senate,
and was unable to speak to the Michigan House in its hearing. He
has submitted multiple affidavits in several pending lawsuits, but
it remains to be seen if the crimes he witnessed will be taken
seriously by any court, legislature or other official body.

Cushman is asking the Michigan Legislature to demand a complete
forensic audit of the election to determine if there was systemic
voter fraud.



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“I Saw Voter Fraud!†– Michigan Election Observer Was Witness
to Fraud but Was Kicked Out of TCF When He Started Recording the
Fraud (Video)
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