Idaho School Board Race: Democrats Vandalize Signs, Intimidate Voters Supporting Anti-CRT Candidates

Idaho School Board Race: Democrats Vandalize Signs,
Intimidate Voters Supporting Anti-CRT Candidates 1

In Post Falls, Idaho, supporters of Republican candidates for the school board opposed to CRT are being threatened with anonymous notes, with GOP signs also being vandalised.

With the recent national controversies surrounding anti-white CRT being pushed to kids in schools, Republicans in the city of Post Falls, Idaho, are putting themselves forward for the upcoming school board elections in order to fight back against the leftist indoctrination of children.

One of them is Dave Reilly, an America First commentator and pundit who told National File that if elected, he would “be the people’s voice against these anti-white, racist and destructive policies.” Opponents of Reilly and his fellow Republican candidates are now using severely underhanded tactics to try and sway the election their way.

According to the Idaho Tribune, a number of conservative residents have had to file police reports detailing various acts of anti-Republican vandalism, with photos showing backwards swastikas being painted on properties and campaign signs.

More concerning, a number voters who placed campaign signs in support of Reilly discovered on Sunday anonymous handwritten notes attached to that day’s edition of the Couer d’Alene Press.

“As a neighbor & as a person who cares deeply about education in Post Falls, I am providing you this paper to ensure you have full information about the sign in your yard,” one note read, pointing to a hit piece about Reilly on the front page of the paper. The Idaho Tribune noted that the local media has not reported on any of the intimidation tactics.

However, it does not seem the intimidation tactics against Idaho school board voters are working. “We are informed and continue to be informed. Social Media is not a real place. Newspapers are biased politically,” one recipient told the Idaho Tribune, adding that “‘neighbors’ that leave notes at your door and do not knock on your door and engage in open conversation do not have your best interests at heart.”

Another voter told Reilly that “all these warnings” had convinced them that he must be the right person for the board.

“All of us are being attacked by the radical left because all of the Republican candidates for school board reject Common Core, Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning and most infuriatingly, we reject the notion that teachers unions know better than parents,” Reilly told National File.

He added that “progressive organizations” like the ADL “are attempting to whip people up into a frenzy that has led to physical assault, violent protests and even murder. All we want to do is give parents their voice back, and bring some common sense back into the classroom.”

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