If SCIENCE was so compelling and so true, it would be self-evident and would require no mandates or censorship

If SCIENCE was so compelling and so true, it would be
self-evident and would require no mandates or censorship 1

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From telescopes to the printing press, we’ve seen technology merge with science to provide some of the most useful tools humans have ever seen. Now, with the internet and high tech software, organizing knowledge, spreading the news of it, and creating massive databases breaking into new frontiers, there is unlimited potential. But with knowledge comes power, and with power comes the rich vultures, hungry for control. That brings us to the science of prescription medicine and vaccines. This is not good.

Today, most science that the populace is aware of and can access is paid for by Big Pharma. It’s manipulated, twisted, distorted and falsified for end-goal results. More often than not, the “science” that the pharmaceutical world and vaccine industrial complex presents is never verified by any other entities of science and research. No other organizations are allowed to even work with the same ingredients to find out if the tests, clinical trials and “peer-reviewed” research is even legitimate.

That is why it’s all censored now, and you’re told exactly what to believe, without questioning it. If you question any science that’s presented about prescription drugs, chemotherapy or vaccines, you are punished by the medical industry, the press, and even your employer. Especially now with Covid, so many more constitutional rights and human rights and medical privacy rights have been violated, restricted, banned and made “illegal.”

Science has turned very wicked, and the biggest “evidence-based” lies come from a handful of monopolistic industries that control 95 percent of the food, medicine, water and hospital diagnostic equipment.

In other words, if the science were really solid, people would CHOOSE the truth freely, and would not have to be coerced.  The truth would be blatantly obvious, like simple math. They have to trick you, force you, punish you, restrict you and command you because it ISN’T science. Consider this very carefully.

Are you being coerced into the “science” of vaccines? Then something’s inherently wrong

If you’re being coerced into the “science” of something, it’s fraud. You see? So coercion, by definition, means it’s fraud. Consider the plandemic. The disease was created by scientists to be contractible by humans and transmissible from human to human (gain of function). Then scientists created vaccines for that disease that don’t even work, and systematically and systemically break down every system of the human body.

And now dozens of honest doctors and scientists are blowing the whistle on the insidious science plot of depopulation, while the ones pushing the fear propaganda to sell vaccines are saying anyone who won’t get vaccinated is “anti-science,” when the REAL science behind the vaccines proves they are deadly, and obviously planned that way.

Science proves the lockdowns, social distancing, masking and vaccinating makes matters worse, decreasing immune system function, increasing bacterial infections, and clotting the blood with prions while inflaming the heart.

If SCIENCE supported Covid lockdowns, masks and vaccines, the powers that be would not have to CENSOR all dissenting doctors who disagree

The vaccine industrial complex of “science” goes absolutely insane when natural health advocates, especially doctors and scientists, explain how natural immunity works, and how the right foods, supplements, superfoods and tinctures can beat back just about any disease, bacteria or virus, without all the insane side effects, adverse events and deaths. We need exposure to bacteria and virus to build up immunity, but the lockdowns, social distancing and masks accomplished just the opposite. They are anti-science in function, and it’s plain to see now.

Let’s expose this. It should not be censored. It should be allowed to be published everywhere. If what the vaccine industry claims is backed by science really is, then any opposition should be welcomed to be presented to the public, as it would only prove what they claim is “safe and effective” every time.

Doctors and scientists who know these vaccines are causing blood clots and deaths around the world should be allowed on TV, on the big news websites, and written about in the newspapers. Censorship for questioning science goes against science 100 percent. Questioning science is science. It’s the whole foundation of it.

Now, if for some reason, you already got jabbed with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and you are suffering from CoVax Syndrome, then report it to VAERS. Also, check out Pandemic.news for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust. Don’t fall for the Delta Variant hoax, because it’s code for vaccine injury and vaccine-induced death.

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