If you think online censorship is bad now, it will get far worse if Joe Biden is installed

If you think online censorship is bad now, it will get far
worse if Joe Biden is installed 1

(Natural News) To help keep women “safe,” Joe Biden is planning to launch a task force charged with developing “best practices for containing online harassment,” which of course means more internet censorship.

The Biden campaign website claims that meanness online “disproportionately affects women and young people,” necessitating government intervention in the form of further restrictions on the First Amendment.

If he is ultimately installed as president, Biden plans to “shine a light on the online harassment, stalking, and abuse that now is a too-frequent reality for Americans, particularly for young people and women.” This will include a “culture change,” Biden says, that “must extend to our online lives.”

The king groper himself hilariously wants us all to believe that he cares about protecting women as they browse social media, hence the need for more crackdowns on what people say and share via their personal social media accounts.

Biden also plans to use his task force to crack down on “disinformation and hate speech,” which as we have seen over the years includes just about anything that upsets leftists and makes them feel angry or upset.

“I think the task force could be very important because it’s very clear there is a lot of online disinformation and hate speech and we’ve seen how that’s been a significant way to harm women and vulnerable groups such as a [sic] children and minorities,” contends Kathleen Carley, a professor of computer science, engineering, and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Whenever women feel sad or angry, more of your rights are about to be stolen

Lisa Fazio, another female professor from Vanderbilt University agrees. Like Carley, Fazio maintains that the online environment is a constant source of “harassment and threats to women,” which thus means that the First Amendment needs to go in order for women to feel happy again.

Unless all of our free speech rights are eliminated, in other words, women and minorities will continue to complain that going online upsets them, and we just cannot tolerate that as a nation, apparently.

In order to accomplish this feat, the Biden-Harris campaign website reveals that Biden’s proposed task force will merge:

“… federal agencies, state leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and technology experts … to study rampant online sexual harassment, stalking, and threats, including revenge porn, deepfakes, and the connection between this harassment, mass shootings, extremism and violence against women.”

Before you decide whether to laugh or cry at such lunacy, consider even further that Biden explicitly wants to merge federal and state governments with social media companies like Facebok, schools, “and other public and private entities” which together “can tackle this unique challenge.”

“The Task Force will consider platform accountability, transparent reporting requirements for incidents of harassment and response, and best practices,” the Biden-Harris campaign website goes on to reveal.

Axing the First Amendment will also come with an attack on the Second Amendment, it is worth further noting.

The Biden plan for extinguishing online content and behavior that riles up women also includes linking “wrong” speech to acts of gun violence, which will be used as an excuse to chip away even more at our beguiled Second Amendment.

“The Biden campaign document makes a point of gun violence playing a prominent role in domestic violence (both referred to as ‘epidemics’) that are interconnected and must be treated as such,” writes Didi Rankovic for Reclaim the Net.

“If [Biden] wants to crack down on harassment, he should start by turning himself and his son (Hunter) in to the authorities for their sexual harassment and pedophile activities,” Rankovic adds.

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