Illegal Immigrants Continue to Harass Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema at Airport, Plane

Illegal Immigrants Continue to Harass Arizona Democrat
Kyrsten Sinema at Airport, Plane 1

Illegal immigrant activists have continued to harass Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, demanding that the moderate Democrat support illegal measures to grant citizenship to millions of illegals through budget reconciliation.

A woman who identified herself as a recipient of the DACA amnesty program walked up to Sinema on a flight from Phoenix to Washington, DC on Tuesday, engaging in a lengthy rant demanding US citizenship. The DACA recipient, who identified herself as Karina, tried to harangue Sinema into ignoring a recent ruling from the Senate Parliamentarian, deciding that it wouldn’t be legal for Democrats to slam citizenship for illegal aliens into what’s legally supposed to be budget legislation.

Passing budget reconciliation legislation in the Senate only requires 51 votes, as opposed to the conventional 60 required for legislation. The Senate Parliamentarian, who advises the Senate, has ruled on two occasions that attempts to pass amnesty through reconciliation would be illegal.

Even more pro-amnesty extremists were waiting to harass Sinema at the Washington DC Airport, with interpersonal bullying and cheap shot tactics having become a constant of any Democratic lobbying and pressure strategy.

The airplane harassment follows an incident in which pro-amnesty illegal immigrants chased Sinema through the halls of Arizona State University, demanding citizenship and even following the Democrat US Senator into a bathroom.

Sinema’s a leftist Democrat who has largely remained silent as Biden’s Open Borders ‘America Last’ policies have wrought chaos upon citizens of Arizona, but you have to be a lowly and sick person to politically harass someone in a bathroom.

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