Illinois Voter Says Election Isn’t Over Anyway, Hopes to See It Go to Congress

Illinois Voter Says Election Isn’t Over Anyway, Hopes to See
It Go to Congress 1

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—Stop the Steal rallies took place across the country on Nov. 14, 2020, but for some in Springfield, Illinois, they rallied more generally just to show support for President Donald Trump, and Paul White was happy to see that spirit of patriotism.

“It’s good to see people rallied around the president instead of it being just all political,” White said. White is a Trump supporter himself, and likes the president’s policy stances on abortion and what he’s done for jobs in America. “I’m here today because this is a stand for freedom, this is not just another election in the United States.”

White said that while he was disappointed not to see the early Trump lead continue into the night with a clear projected win by morning, the election is far from over.

“He’s not certified,” he said of Joe Biden, despite many news media outlets naming him president elect.

“Our forefathers had this put in the Constitution, if there was a failed election, what the alternative would be,” White added, about presidential elections that were heavily disputed. In this case the election would go to Congress. “This isn’t some new uncharted territory for us, our forefathers had this instated. So this isn’t over. If neither one of them gives up, it’s going to go back to Congress.”

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