It's Not a 'Conspiracy Theory' When They Do It: Left Is Questioning Mitch McConnell's Vote Totals in Kentucky

It's Not a 'Conspiracy Theory' When They Do It: Left Is
Questioning Mitch McConnell's Vote Totals in Kentucky 1

I do so love liberal hypocrisy. What makes it so entertaining is that they are oblivious to their intellectual dishonesty and lack the capacity for introspection. It makes for unintentional humor when they can’t fathom why people laugh at their riotous inconsistency.

The latest installment of liberal hypocrisy comes from an article in the radical left publication Raw Story. It seems that some liberals are questioning Senator Mitch McConnell’s surprisingly easy victory over Democrat Amy McGrath. The author of the piece, Allison Greene, is blissfully unaware that she’s asking some of the same questions asked by Trump supporters in the aftermath of the election.

Just what’s fishy about the vote?

– McConnell racked up huge vote leads in traditionally Democratic strongholds, including counties that he had never before carried.

– There were wide, unexplained discrepancies between the vote counts for presidential candidates and down-ballot candidates.

– Significant anomalies exist in the state’s voter records. Forty percent of the state’s counties carry more voters on their rolls than voting-age citizens.

– Kentucky and many other states using vote tabulation machines made by Election Systems & Software all reported down-ballot race results at significant odds with pre-election polls.

Do you mean to say that a lot of counties in Kentucky have more registered voters than voting-age citizens? Perish the thought! Someone should have told her to ask the cities of Milwaukee, Detroit, and dozens of other Democratic states, cities, and counties how they ended up with more voters than voting-age citizens. I’m sure it would be very instructive.

Just asking questions, you say? Yes…and your point is? The point is that Democrats are allowed to ask questions but if Republicans dare question the results of an election it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

As for the rest, Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw performs the necessary lobotomy on Ms. Greene’s gray matter.

They next note “wide, unexplained discrepancies between the vote counts for presidential candidates and down-ballot candidates.” Yes, it’s called ticket-splitting. Did Ms. Greene fail to notice that Joe Biden allegedly won the popular vote in a “landslide” while the Democrats lost a significant number of seats in the House and are barely hanging on to their majority there? Funny how that works, huh?

How about those “significant anomalies” in the voter rolls and the fact that 40% of Kentucky’s counties record more registered voters than living, voting-age citizens? Yes, we know. That’s true of a lot of primarily Democratic counties all over the country, but you didn’t seem to take issue with it when a Democrat was winning. I’ve been railing about the need to clean up the nation’s voter rolls for years but nobody ever listens. I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

This is what happens when you get someone imbued with “the true faith” to write about something she knows nothing about. It’s like asking an Islamic fanatic to write about Christianity. The results can be entertaining.

And finally, Greene notes that vote totals recorded by the Election Systems & Software voting machines were “at significant odds” with pre-election polling. Really? Ya think? A very brief Google search will produce enough stories about how the polls were once again a steaming pile of hot garbage to fill up an encyclopedia. I would also note the irony in a liberal complaining about the Election Systems & Software machines while not uttering a peep about Dominion. But hey… you do you, Alison.

We eagerly await Allison’s Greene next article about how strange and suspicious the vote in the presidential election turned out.

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