I've been banned by Twitter. You're next

I've been banned by Twitter. You're next 1

I was banned by Twitter last week. Trust me, if you’re a conservative or a patriot, read this column carefully. Because you’re next.

I’ve argued for quite some time that this was coming. I warned that if Joe Biden were elected, Democrats would overplay their hand. They would open the borders and let the whole world in. They’d legalize millions of people who are in this country illegally. They’d confiscate guns. They’d try to destroy the energy industry in the name of climate change. They’d tax and regulate small businesses to death. They’d make election fraud easy, legal and permanent. They’d pass a slew of executive orders that benefit China. And worst of all, they’d intimidate, censor and ban.

It was easy to predict. This is what socialists and communists always do. Free speech and socialism cannot coexist.

I learned all this at Columbia University. My classmates (class of ’83) were almost all from the richest and most powerful families in America. Yet they proudly called themselves communists. They boasted of their hatred of wealth, wealthy people, business owners and a “racist country” called America. They vowed to overwhelm the U.S. economic system, bankrupt business owners, kill capitalism and turn America into a socialist nation. They’re now putting that plan into place.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns by Democratic governors accomplished the first job. Capitalism, small business and the middle class are all crippled and hanging by a thread.

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Biden’s election is taking care of the rest, with open borders, the most executive orders in history, massive new taxes and regulations on the way.

And then there are the bans and instances of censorship. A quote by Andrei Vyshinsky, the Soviet foreign minister under Josef Stalin, sums up what’s happening and why: “In our state, naturally, there is and can be no place for freedom of speech, press, and so on for the foes of socialism. … (T)hese freedoms … must be classified as a counter-revolutionary crime.”

Do you recognize the thinking? This is a socialist takeover of America.

All the other Silicon Valley “masters of the universe” are purging dissent – just like the communist tyrants of Stalin’s day. They’ve decided free speech is dangerous for their socialist plan.

I’m banned from Twitter. But understand who is still free to tweet:

Iranian mullahs remain on Twitter.

Communist Chinese leaders remain on Twitter – while they’re probably abusing human rights and sending critics to prison camps.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro remains on Twitter, even though the dictator has led his citizens to mass poverty, misery and starvation, and is accused of arresting, torturing and murdering his political opposition.

No doubt pedophiles and perverts remain on Twitter – actually, the Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that convicted sex offenders have the right to use social media.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just demanded that Twitter ban over 1,000 accounts and posts that were critical of his government and said they are spreading misinformation. Twitter’s response? It will not ban these accounts because it advocates for “the right of free expression.”

But not in America, clearly not when it involves conservatives. The prime minister made a big mistake. He should have simply accused his opposition of being pro-Trump conservatives. That would have been the end of that.

A decade ago, I gave a speech to 1,000 conservatives in San Francisco. I opened with a joke, saying, “It’s a little confusing to be in a city where you can be openly gay, openly transsexual, but you have to be a closet conservative.” The crowd roared. Now look how far we’ve come. In America, being a conservative is now a crime worthy of being banned.

Conservatives are clearly the last remaining group that can be openly discriminated against. It’s legal to make me and my opinions “disappear” – even though my opinions represent those of 74 million voters in this past election, even though I was clearly popular on Twitter. I gained over 70,000 new fans on Twitter in just the few weeks around the election.

But see, there’s the real problem: I was popular. And I speak raw truth. My opinions were attracting quite a following. Twitter and liberals couldn’t allow that. The truth might catch on. Truth might spread. Americans might start to ask questions.

That would be bad for business.

So now I’m a political prisoner … in America. My opinions are banned. What’s next? Black armbands for conservatives? Gun confiscation? Reeducation camps?

Take this seriously. Because you’re next.

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