John Davidson: The Proof Is Out There Of Nevada Voter Fraud

John Davidson: The Proof Is Out There Of Nevada Voter
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Federalist Political Editor John Davidson said proof of an illegal vote-harvesting scheme in Nevada was out there hiding in plain sight on Fox News Thursday.

“I didn’t have to have any secret sources of off-the-record meetings or anything like that,” Davidson said on his report exposing the Democratic operation buying votes for Joe Biden with gift cards and other “prizes.”

Instead, Davidson said he drew on public social media posts featuring operatives engaging in conduct that is blatantly illegal.

“They documented it themselves on their Facebook pages, and there’s dozens and dozens of instances of this. Photos, video, all over Nevada this happened, most of this connected to the Nevada Native Vote Project,” Davidson said, where voters would be lured to raffles in exchange for their absentee ballots.

Bribing voters with anything of value however, is illegal under federal election law with sentences that can carry up to two years in prison or up to $10,000 in fines.

How many votes were compromised remains unclear. The race in Nevada however, was decided by less than 35,000 votes with the state’s six electoral votes swinging for Biden. Davidson reported there are about 60,000 eligible Native American voters in the western battleground.

What’s more disturbing, Davidson said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” is that the mainstream media won’t report on the issue because it flies against their preconceived narrative.

“What’s more important to me is that almost no media outlets have pursued it either. This is the kind of thing a small organization like The Federalist has to report on because the mainstream media doesn’t want to report on it,” Davidson said.

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