Kamala Harris: Republicans 'Don't Want You to Vote'

Kamala Harris: Republicans 'Don't Want You to Vote' 1

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly declared that Republicans who support election integrity laws “don’t want you to vote.” She make these remarks at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event announcing a $25 million expansion of the DNC’s “I Will Vote” campaign.

“With this $25 million, the Democrats are investing in the tools and technology to register voters, to educate voters, to turn out voters, to protect voters,” Harris said at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Politico reported. What does “protect voters” mean? According to Harris and the DNC, it means vociferously opposing efforts to protect election integrity.

The vice president repeatedly made the claim that Republicans are attempting a mass disenfranchisement in the name of election integrity.

“So far this year, 17 state legislatures have enacted 28 new laws that will make it harder for Americans to vote,” Harris argued. “These bills — now, be clear about enacted — these bills have already become law. They are now on the books. And that’s not to mention the nearly 400 bills that state legislatures are attempting right now to pass.”

“You know what’s going on in Texas right now. This all is designed, I believe, to make it harder for you to vote, so that you don’t vote,” Harris charged.

“These laws create obstacle upon obstacle,” the vice president added. “These laws make it harder for you to vote, because they don’t want you to vote.”

Harris’ claim is extremely disingenuous. Her decision to make these remarks at Howard University, one of America’s prominent Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), reinforces President Joe Biden’s baseless claims that the Republican election integrity laws represent “Jim Crow on steroids,” a racist attempt to prevent black people from voting.

Of course, the Republican election integrity laws across the country have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with correcting election irregularities that plagued the 2020 election, such as ballot drop-boxes with insecure chains of custody and the widespread mailing of mail-in ballots using outdated voter lists.

Time magazine even published an astonishing story about a “cabal” and a “shadow campaign” that pulled the levers behind the scenes in the 2020 election. While the article claims these efforts aimed at preserving a free and fair election, organizations like the Center for Tech and Civic Life funneled money into blue areas of the country, boosting turnout that helped Biden prevail.

Rather than address these serious concerns, Democrats resort to crying racism. Meanwhile, they are pushing a federal takeover of elections. H.R. 1 would gut election integrity protections, removing state-level control, and it would significantly curtail free speech in politics.

When Biden called Georgia’s election integrity law “Jim Crow on steroids,” a Georgia state representative pointed out that the election laws in Biden’s home state of Delaware are far more restrictiveThe Washington Post gave Biden four Pinocchios for repeatedly claiming that the Georgia law “ends voting hours early.” In fact, the bill extended voting hours.

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In most cases, the Republican bills curtail excesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, when election officials loosened election protections in order to ensure that people would be able to vote amid the pandemic. Now that the pandemic has largely subsided, many of these bills represent a belated return to normal. Yet Harris claims that these commonsense reforms mean Republicans “don’t want you to vote.”

She should be ashamed of herself.

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