LA County Board votes against being informed about when violent sexual predators are released

LA County Board votes against being informed about when
violent sexual predators are released 1

LOS ANGELES, CA- Another day, another journey into leftist lunacy. For this episode, we return to California, the land of fruits and nuts, specifically Los Angeles.

Last week, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted down a motion which would have called for the sheriff’s department and the county DA to formally notify the board when sexually violent prisoners are slated to be released and treated in the community, Fox LA reported.

The motion was made by supervisor Kathryn Barger, which called for the board notification and proposed that the specific location of any sex offender placement be revealed to the board member representing that district.

The outlet reported that supervisors Hilda Solis, Holly Mitchell and Sheila Kuehl voted against the measure before there was even any discussion or public comment, which caused the proposal to fail due to a lack of a majority from the board, which numbers five members.

This was a change for the board, which typically allows public discussion and holds votes on items which are generally opposed.


After the vote, Barger issued a statement in which she expressed her disappointment in the outcome and pledged to continue to push for advanced notification to her constituents.

“It is essential that placements of sexually violent predators into local communities are made with the collaboration of all those impacted to ensure that appropriate services are provided, and public safety is ensured,” she said.

“I am disappointed that my colleagues have chosen to turn their backs on what should be a fair and equitable process to provide a voice for everyone involved.”

Barger’s proposal came about on June 11 after a judge blocked a plan for a man who was classified as a sexually violent predator to live in the community of La Crescenta.

Barger praised the judge, Superior Court Judge James Bianco for the ruling, issuing a statement in which she said she was “truly relieved.”

In addition to Barger, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, along with a number of area residents objected to the release of the man, Calvin Grassmier.

“Releasing violent sexual predators, such as Calvin Grassmier, into our communities makes us all less safe, as well as places an unnecessary burden on public safety resources,” Villanueva said in a statement in which he urged the judge to reject the proposal.

Under current regulations, state hospitals which plan to release someone designated as a sexually violent predator are required to notify local law enforcement authorities, which is typically a sheriff or district attorney.

The sheriff may then notify “any person designated by the sheriff or chief of police as an appropriate recipient of the notice,” which falls under Welfare and Institutions Code 6609.1.

Barger said when she and community members were made aware of Grassmier’s release, they all rallied in opposition.

“This potential placement was a grave concern for me, the impacted residents, and the community at large, who mobilized and expressed their strong concerns,” Barger said in her June 11 statement.

The three leftists who voted against the measure refused to comment on their reasoning, citing the matter was considered part of the board’s consent calendar.

Regardless of that, the board had previously adopted a “care first, jails last” philosophy, which focuses on the typical leftist talking point of rehabilitation rather than punishment. They have also pushed various efforts to provide community support for inmates who are released, including apparently violent sexual predators.

In the case of Grassmier, he was convicted of a number of sex-related rimes—the latest occurring in 1988—and none of which involved minors, according to the judge. In 1989, he was sentenced to a 15-year state prison term.

He was later committed to the Department of State Hospitals as a “sexually violent predator” in 1999 where he was held in a secure hospital while being treated, the LA County District Attorney’s Office said.

Last November, he was ordered released pending the receipt of community treatment, his attorney Tony Corti said.

“Mr. Grassmier is not the same person that he was in 1988…he’s a changed man,” Corti told the judge.

Corti noted Grassmier would be under “constant supervision,” and was “ready to begin a new life.”

In rejecting the proposal to allow Grassmier to be released into the community, Bianco cited five factors which made that a bad idea, including the number of people living in close proximity to the proposed location and inconsistent cell phone reception which Bianco said is critical to GPS monitoring.

Bianco said those factors presented challenges that were “too great,” and that he “didn’t agree with this particular location,” however did admit that he had “great confidence” that Grassmier, now 66, would find an appropriate placement.

“And Mr. Grassmier, I want to tell you that you will be placed in the community,” Bianco said

He added that he hoped in the future there would be better coordination with local law enforcement authorities to make sure potential safety concerns were addressed as early as possible.

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Meanwhile, the current occupant of the White House, Joe Biden and his weak border policies are allowing sex offenders into the country unabated. For more on that, we invite you to:


SAN ANTONIO, TX –  Since President Biden ordered ICE not to arrest and deport illegal aliens unless they had been convicted of aggravated felonies against Americans, U.S. streets have been left open for illegal alien sex offenders as well.

In February, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued orders to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents that protect most illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

ICE Director Tae Johnson instructed agents not to arrest or deport illegal aliens unless they were convicted of crimes such as rape, murder, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, trafficking firearms, and theft against Americans.

The policy did not require the arrest or deportation of illegal aliens convicted of those crimes in their home country.

An illegal alien, for example, who has been charged with sexual abuse of a child is not eligible to be arrested, detained, or deported by ICE agents because the suspect has not yet been convicted.

Under Biden’s policy, should ICE agents try to arrest an illegal alien who is not a convicted aggravated felon, or a known or suspected terrorist or gang member, they must first get approval through a complicated chain of command where a field director or a special agent in charge must approve the arrest.

At the time of the order, former DHS official and current Director of the Center for Technology Policy and Senior Research Fellow for Homeland Security at the Heritage Foundation Lora Ries issued a statement:

“President Biden ran the 2020 campaign promising to ‘return to norms.’ His new immigration proposal and his new guidance to ICE show that was a complete lie.

“In essence, ICE agents are being told to back down from enforcing the law and doing their jobs. Sadly, this guidance is forcing law enforcement officers to choose between protecting Americans and protecting their careers.  

“Forget sanctuary cities – this turns America into a sanctuary country. Prominent Leftists have spent the past months calling to ‘abolish ICE.’ The Biden administration effectively just made their wish come true.”

Now, an investigation by FOX 29’s Yami Virgin in San Antonio, Texas, found that while releasing illegal aliens into the streets of the U.S. under the Biden “Sanctuary Country” policies, U.S. Marshals are releasing illegal alien sex offenders onto American streets. Virgin wrote:

“Our investigation has found (that) some detainees or convicted felons have been released to the streets instead of being picked up by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.”

Aristides Jimenez, a former agent in charge of South Texas Homeland Security Investigations, said that at least 36 illegal inmates detained at the Bexar County Jail in San Antonio had to be released when ICE lifted detainers:

“They’re basically telling state and locals to just release them into the community. When ICE is not responding, it underscores the importance of good information sharing and good public safety between state, local and federal entities”

Virgin said that U.S. Marshals have detailed that they have also experienced similar situations where apprehended illegal aliens have been released after ICE dropped detainers:

“The U.S. Marshals have also had to deal with the same situation. Sources tell us at least 2 sex offenders who had ICE detainers were released when the detainers were lifted by ICE. One is Del Rio the other in Austin.

“We asked the U.S. Marshals for a comment, and we received this statement: ‘The U.S. Marshals Service does not comment on issues that are the subject of ongoing or pending litigation.’” 

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