Liberals Didn't Pounce On Eric Adams Just for Questioning New York's Election. They Had…Another Reason.

Liberals Didn't Pounce On Eric Adams Just for Questioning
New York's Election. They Had...Another Reason. 1

New York’s descent into election madness would be hilarious if it wasn’t also so deeply disturbing. The Big Apple is looking like a giant banana republic. The move to ranked-choice voting means residents won’t have a result until mid-July, according to my colleague Rick Moran. Will they be able to trust that result when it comes so long after Election Day and the whole thing looks to be a giant mess?

From Election Day to whenever the result arrives, via a puff of smoke or whatever means they choose to announce it, chicanery and shenanigans are more than merely possible. There’s a lot at stake in this election, not least is the possible discrediting of Bill de Blasio and the entire “defund the police” project. Eric Adams, a former cop, ran on a law and order platform. By the end of Election Day, he looked to be cruising to a win. In deep blue New York City.

That’s no small thing.

Then all Hades broke loose when the city released a vote total that included 100,000 more votes than were cast on Election Day despite the fact that the absentee vote hadn’t been counted yet.

Adams raised his hand and questioned what was going on, as anyone might expect in the circumstances.

Liberals pounced on him. Glenn Greenwald caught ’em pouncing and also called them out for trying to slip away once the city announced that it somehow, accidentally, included 135,000 test votes in its ongoing actual vote count.

Among the questions all this raises is, just how incompetent is Bill de Blasio’s New York City?

Another question this raises is, are the Democrats who run that city gaming the ranked-choice count to keep Adams out of Gracie Mansion?

His win could humiliate de Blasio. Yes, there’s some scuttlebutt in New York that de Blasio actually favors Adams. But, does that really seem likely? Mayor de Blasio didn’t endorse anyone, and he mocked the entire field. De Blasio surely knows that his endorsement, or even something tacit, would hurt whoever he supported, because he is deeply unpopular. Adams ran on undoing what de Blasio has done to the NYPD. All that has to be taken into account.

Plus, Adams is black.

Liberals never questioned Hillary Clinton or John Kerry when they alleged, without any evidence, that their elections were stolen from them. Both of them are white.

Just saying.

The left is living in dread fear of losing minority votes. That’s powering their divisive and nakedly racist policies now. They actually believe that undermining the entire American project and teaching us all to hate each other is their path to retaining power. And they may be right!

Adams is nominally a Democrat but has long been suspected of being a closet Republican as are many cops of all ethnicities. As Democrats defund police, police chiefs in big cities more openly question and criticize them.

Look what’s going on in Michigan. There, a deeply unpopular Democrat governor is set to be challenged by the retired police chief of Detroit, who is both black and a Republican.

Police Chief James Craig, who over the last year has witnessed and fought a pandemic, a controversial Black Lives Matter movement and record violent shootings in the city of Detroit, is expected to announce his retirement from the department and his candidacy for governor next week, according to police and other sources.

This is a big deal. White leftist Democrats destroying majority-black cities and even ousting or losing black police chiefs due to disrespect is on-trend for 2020 and 2021. Remember Seattle’s Carmen Best? And Rochester, New York’s La’Ron Singletary?

There’s motivation for Democrats to cheat, and where they can, they do. They control everything in New York. Eric Adams poses a grave threat to them.

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