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LIN WOOD: ‘This Election Was A Fraud’, Trump ‘Won Over 400 Electoral Votes’

LIN WOOD: ‘This Election Was A Fraud’, Trump ‘Won Over 400
Electoral Votes’ 1

Respected Georgia attorney L. Lin Wood appeared on The Mark Levin Show on Tuesday to discuss his pending litigation regarding potential voter fraud and irregularities in Georgia, which is currently undergoing a potentially fraudulent recount, and seeks to certify its election results this Friday.

Wood explained that he filed a lawsuit as a voter in Georgia that declares the state’s actions to move to a looser mail-in vote system illegal. “My lawsuit is based on a consent agreement reached in march of 2020 by the Secretary of State with the Democratic Party in a lawsuit represented by Perkins Coie, otherwise known as the Hillary Clinton firm,” said Wood.

“They changed the rules, by consent agreement, the rules relating to absentee ballots for the November general election. You can’t do that. Any change in the rules with respect to a federal election in a state election has to be made as a matter of law by the legislature in Georgia,” said Wood.

This, said the respected lawyer who secured a favorable settlement against major media companies for Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, means the entire November election was illegal.

“The election on November 3 was unlawful,” said Wood.

He went on to explain that he filed the lawsuit last week and has amended it to contain additional claims of due process violations that relate to the “sham recount that’s underway in Georgia right now.”

Wood also said he next taking action “for an emergency hearing to stop this recount and not certify the votes” because they are “recounting the illegal votes.”

At this point, Wood turned his focus on the elected representatives of Georgia, including the Secretary of State and Gov. Brian Kemp, who have both dismissed claims that systematic fraud would lead to different results following the Georgia recount.

“The Secretary of State of Georgia is a liar,” said Wood. “I don’t make those types of accusations lightly, but I will tell you that our Secretary of State, and our Governor Brian Kemp, are dirty, they are corrupted by Chinese money.”

“First we’ve got to have a special session of the Georgia legislature called so that they can elect the electors to vote for Donald Trump, who by the way won a landslide victory in Georgia as he did across the nation.”

Wood then went on to make the shocking claim that the Dominion voting software is responsible for erasing President Donald Trump’s landslide victory and engineering a false victory for Joe Biden.

“The computer voting system in Georgia, Dominion, contains software that was manipulated, where they control the voting,” said Wood, before declaring that President Trump won in a landslide.

“This election was a fraud, Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70% plus landslide election in the nation,” said Wood. “He probably won over 400 electoral votes.”

“We’re uncovering, step by step, the layers on the onion and we’re going to get to the truth, and the truth is Donald Trump has been reelected by this country to serve as president for four more years. The truth will come out.”

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