LISTEN: Pro-Family Leader Terry Schilling Receives Violent Threats After Virginia Election Victory.

LISTEN: Pro-Family Leader Terry Schilling Receives Violent
Threats After Virginia Election Victory. 1

Pro-family leader Terry Schilling has received a number of violent threats against the backdrop of the Virginia election victory that his group – the American Principles Project – participated in to deliver a victory for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Schilling, 35, told The National Pulse exclusively that the threats from a phone number registered to a “Howard M. Wagner” in Midtown, Manhattan in New York came shortly after the celebrations over the Virginia victory.

The American Principles Project was instrumental in the Virginia race, deploying a number of high-impact television advertisements focused on Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s attempts to hide the rape of two young girls by a man in a dress in a “gender neutral” bathroom.

As a result, Schilling received the following messages which can be heard in full below.

“Let me tell you Terry Schilling you fake Christian, fake Catholic, whatever you are,” one message begins.

“Peddling your hate under the guise of [inaudible]… Keep trying to follow God, and keep trying to follow Christ. Yeah, yeah that’s good. Yeah keep peddling your hate you motherf**king low-life, f**king piece of sh*t scum. I’m going to come and visit you because I think you are one of the lowest pieces of sh*t. So expect me to visit you, you little f**king piece of scum. Ummm, you white racist piece of sh*t. I’m going to come visit you. Probably some time in the next year, a time and date of my choosing. I’ll tell you to your face where I think you, you little f**king piece of scum. You white racist piece of sh*t. You f**king scum fake gay Christian, peddling hate. You f**king scum.”

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The audio message then descends into laughter before continuing: “Yeah, you f**king scum. You think you’re going to fool God. You f**king scum. That shows what worthless life…what white worthless piece of sh*t you are. You are scum and we need to take back our country from you, from scum like you. And we will. Whatever we need to do, we will, to take back our country from scum like you… motherf**king piece…”

In a second message, the sender pontificates over Schilling’s anus, even alleging that he has “multiple anal orifices” for “all the diarrhea you expel.”

“By the way, is Virginia a stand-your-ground state? I hope it’s a stand-your-ground state. Anyway, going back to things. Your diarrhea, you must have multiple anal orifices. All the diarrhea you expel is just… I uhhh… I have to show decent people that, and they realize what f**king scum you are.

“You are low-life f**king piece of sh*t, who doesn’t deserve to walk the face of the Earth. You little f**king piece of scum. I’m sure a lot of people realize that, so let’s see what happens, you f**king piece of scum.”

Finally, the sender claims: “So I just found Mr. Schilling’s home address, and so, sometime in the next year I will come and visit him. And I’ll tell him to his face, because the things I’ve said I wanna… I need to repeat them to his face, so I’m going to come visit him at a time and date of my choosing, and we’ll go from there. Okay. Bye-bye. Bye-bye you low-life worthless white racist

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