[LIVE] Virginia Election Results

[LIVE] Virginia Election Results 1

Former governor and Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe squares off today against Republican Glenn Youngkin in a hotly contested and highly contentious race to lead the state of Virginia. After a slow start, Youngkin’s trajectory has been trending upward over the last two weeks as McAuliffe, anxious to garner favor with the radical Democrat base, has alienated many voters in the state by disparaging parents and downplaying their role in the education of their children. The RealClearPolitics Average had Youngkin up by 1.7 points going into Election Day, by no means a comfortable margin:

This one will likely be a real nail-biter.

There have been reports of voting irregularities in the state, namely voters being turned away for refusing to mask up, in violation of a Department of Elections directive saying they must be admitted to polling places, masked or unmasked.

Virginia Voters Denied Entry to Polling Place for Refusing to Mask (But No ID, No Problem)

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