Luongo: Expect Democrats To Not Learn The Real Lessons From Virginia's Elections

Luongo: Expect Democrats To Not Learn The Real Lessons From
Virginia's Elections 1

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog,

Just one year out from the great win which brought us the First Fungal President, Democrats got shellacked by voters.

Virginia, presumed permanently flipped blue, revolted, turning the top of the state government as Republican as possible.

And all we have been subjected to in the past few days has been the hilarious sight of Democrats lighting their hair on fire decrying the black daughter of a Jamaican immigrant as the new face of white nationalism.

Watching them strut around last November, it was obvious to me the Democrats would take all the wrong lessons from their ‘revolution’ against the demon Trump.

And they are about to do it again in 2021.

They took the worst coattails in history as a sign from the gods in Davos to remake the U.S. into the bastard step-son of a sclerotic and dysfunctional European Union, with all the capital destruction, ritualistic humiliations and artless propaganda that implies.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Politburo. They they mistook fatigue with the sitting President as affirmation of the most radical parts of their agenda.

You would think they would have learned their lesson after 2010’s blow out? But, as Dexter White pointed out recently, with commies, dumb ideas never die, they are just put off until the next legislative session.

A Donut Hole Inside a Donut Hole

And the reason is these people don’t set policy. They implement it. The policy is the goal and until the heads of the bureaucracy which creates it are burned out, they will keep growing back to try again.

There is no real discussion about the final product. The argument is only over how best to present it. Last year I called it MOPP – Management of Perspective Politics .

And if there’s been one great political lesson for all the worldly Millennials now organizing for the mid-terms in 2021 it is this: no one ever went broke underestimating the truculence of American voters. After all, it’s how y’all tell yourselves you swept the board last year.

That said, however, I do truly believe there is a fundamental hole at the center of the Democrats’ (and Davos’) strategy.

In short, the Democrats don’t stand for anything but rather are simply another victims support group.

That’s where the hole in their minds resides, when you then try to stand for something, in this case global communism run by Eurocrats from Brussels, you have no clear messaging as to what you want to achieve, other than, “burn the heretics at the stake!”. And that doesn’t really play well without looking completely insane to everyone who isn’t a “purple-haired cat lady on a cocktail of antidepressants ranting about white supremacy.”

… The Progressives thought they had this locked up because DNC leadership was given their marching orders from Davos which was their agenda all along. All each group had to do was virtue signal to their aggrieved supporters and the two factions would Straussian Two-Step (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis) their way to victory….

But, in reality they have nothing locked up because most of the country doesn’t dye their hair purple before setting it on fire for like on Tik-Tok.

Maladjusted Development

And when you implement policy at the local level which is abhorrent to most people’s basic humanity, eventually they do something about it. This time it was the Loudon County school board and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s trying to brand parents as “domestic terrorists” that sealed their fate on Tuesday.

We have these quaint ideas in most of this country that local government officials work for us, not the other way around. We should be forgiven if we have become inured to the corruption at the center of our political world – D.C.

But when the policy trickles down to the schools you pay truly outrageous taxes to send your kids to, that’s when the old adage that ‘all politics is local’ becomes real again.

They mistook their “win” in 2020 as a mandate to go all-in on the crazy. And it backfired on them badly on Tuesday.

But don’t think for a second that Obama and Davos weren’t the ones pushing this to its crisis point. But, they’re so consumed with implementing their coup from the top down they missed the chaos they unleashed at the local level.

These people just think that if they make laws they create reality.

They live in an echo chamber so small that they think the pain in their neck is not from having their heads up their asses.

No wonder they couldn’t understand why “Let’s Go Brandon” is so friggin’ funny.

Chaos Rearing

I believe when they put these plans on the white board that they could control the Critical Race Theory and White Supremacy narrative.

But they really can’t.

Because, chaos is chaos for a reason. It, by definition, cannot be controlled. When you foster it in people to the maximum through 24/7 anxiety pimping on social media they begin to act, well, chaotically.

They do dumb shit like organize a school field trip to a gay bar or strip club, have tranny-stripper reading hour with five-year old kids and create university professors who talk openly during interviews of killing all the white folk.

Years ago Judge Andrew Napolitano called the camera “the new gun.” In 2021 this isn’t a trenchant observation or anything but it bears remembering because we not only capture each other saying and doing the private parts out loud, people willingly turn it on themselves and are shocked (shocked, I say) when there are consequences for it.

Hello Newton? The Dems want your laws back.

And the results are what happened in the 2021 local elections.

Like it or not, Democrats, actions have consequences. Effects follow causes. And redefining terms doesn’t negate little things like math and biology.

Speshul Edjkashum

Because of their fundamental defects not only in character but cognitive function we will now be treated to the best show on earth in 2022: watching the Democrats double down on the exact strategy that lost them these races in 2021.

Those who have never learned their lessons are now a three-headed hydra of bad ideas getting ready to go even further left.

Our fungal president came back from Glasgow early, presumably because he got lost at the photo op, to double down on his executive order on vaccine mandates and weekly testing for COVID-9/11.

Nasty Nancy still thinks there’s wiggle room to force President Manchin to the bargaining table over the infrastructure bill. I wonder when he’s going to get a Secret Service detail?

The Jimmy Dores, Lizzie Slapahos, Sanderistas and Old Turks are already screeching that they lost because they betrayed their base.

What base?

The Karens being thrown off of airplanes because we’re all so thoroughly sick of their hysteria? The only thing based in the following video is the pilot.

Pandering to this demographic and their children will be the end of the party. If they lurch left and double down on the socialism it will prove the adults have left the planning room. I give it better than even odds because that’s literally all they have left.

Right on cue, crisis actor extraordinaire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fulfills her destiny to breathe fire on the ashes on both Terry McAuliffe and the party she was sent to D.C. to destroy.

“Plus, on the election front, I actually think we have good news as well. I know that Virginia was a huge bummer. And honestly, if anything, I think that the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super moderated campaign that does not excite, speak to or energize a progressive base,”

Teachable Moment in History…

The battle-hardened are sitting in the room today doing triage for the primaries. They know it’s spiraling out of control. Pelosi is desperate to pass any version of the spending bills just to have something to show for the entire session.

But these bills were supposed to be passed before this election debacle. COP26 was supposed to be a triumph for Davos. Biden was sidelined completely. He isn’t going to make it another six months in office.

Manchin can’t cave if he wants to retain his seat. Removing him only makes things worse with a Republican Governor in West Virginia.

They are moving the pieces into place to get rid of Biden but there’s no one in the room capable of taking the reins of the country. Forget Harris, if anything Obama and company are already moving against her.

I told you in August that Davos has other plans for Biden’s successor. Biden was Obama’s choice to be replaced when convenient. I’m still betting on him placing a loyal and politically-inert Janet Yellen in his place.

Getting rid of Biden now does nothing to salve these wounds, it only compounds them since Biden was Obama’s pick, not Hillary’s. If anyone had any illusions of her power within the party, dispel them now. Terry McAuliffe is finally gone. John Durham is tightening the RussiaGate noose around her neck. Even though Obama is implicated heavily in that, since he controls the party now, expect nothing to blow back on him.

The Democrats had no momentum coming into these elections and now the knives are coming out of the woodwork. Once the tempo is gone, politically, it’s nearly impossible to get it back. Building it back better by denying Critical Race Theory and firing all the COVID-9/11 heroes over the clot-shot isn’t a winning strategy.

I expect Obama to allow the party to give the Progressives their head, it’s the fastest way to destroy the country and accelerate us towards the ultimate act of political vandalism. That said don’t underestimate the Republicans’ ability to stand in the fire of the Democrats’ self-immolation.

They never seem to learn anything either.

What has looked a three-headed hydra constantly regenerating bad ideas no matter how many times we try to kill them, is now about to turn into something closer to the Moe, Larry and Curly doing an impression of the giant from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Luongo: Expect Democrats To Not Learn The Real Lessons From
Virginia's Elections 2

Such is the benefit of a failing education system. Hoisted on their own petard, even.

*  *  *

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