Majority of Tech Professionals Surveyed Prior to Election Expressed Deep Concerns with Voting Process

Majority of Tech Professionals Surveyed Prior to Election
Expressed Deep Concerns with Voting Process 1

Attorney Sidney Powell has gone viral for her pledge to “Release the Kraken,” so to speak, with regards to the multitude of electoral fraud that happened in this year’s presidential election.

She effectively started The Krakening at a press conference today.

“We will not be intimidated…We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom,” Powell said at the press conference.

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“We’ve already had that electoral breakdown, but the Constitution…has provisions in it for how you fix this, and there should never be another election conducted in this country, I don’t care if it’s for local dog catcher, using a Dominion machine and Smartmatic software,” she explained. “We’ve got to have an American company that uses paper ballots that we can all verify so every one of us can see that our vote is our vote.”

Powell also detailed the many ways that Dominion software enabled the transfer of votes from President Donald Trump to “president-elect” Joe Biden on election day.

“I have gotten multiple emails from people in other countries who watched the same pattern happen there. We have witness testimony that the same things were done in those countries as this was exported by Maduro, and by Mr. Chavez, and by Cuba, and, of course, we know China also has a substantial presence in Venezuela and a substantial interest in making sure that President Trump does not continue in office,” she explained.

“This is the consummate foreign interference in our election in the most criminal way you can possibly imagine. It must be shutdown. We know, for example, that one of the Dominion’s highest level employees, or officers, went to Detroit himself to man the Detroit operations center where he could watch the votes coming in real time and decide what file folder in the system to put those votes into,” Powell continued.

“That’s why you see massive spikes after hours when people were told that all the votes were in and all the votes were counted. Many Dominion employees have already reached out to us to tell us the truth. They are Americans who want to ensure election integrity like we do. I would encourage every Dominion or Smartmatic employee who is fed up with the corruption in this country to come forward as soon as possible because these are serious federal offenses that I am confident that the Department of Justice will be in pursuit of in very short order if they are not already,” she added.

Big League Politics also reported on the testimony from America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the same press conference where he alleged a massive criminal conspiracy to rob President Trump of his re-election:

Donald J. Trump campaign lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani detailed allegations of a “national conspiracy” to steal the 2020 presidential election.

It’s not singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in multiple states.

Giuliani argued that a prosecutor would conclude that mass-scale voter fraud pervasive in big cities originated from a “centralized location.

Giuliani spoke with campaign lawyers Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis…

This was not an idea of 10 or 12 Democratic bosses,” Giuliani warned ominously. “This was a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize that.”

Giuliani cited the tendency for massive ballot dumps in Democratic strongholds of Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta late at night, which eroded strong Donald Trump leads in these respective states and ultimately securing the states for Joe Biden…

Joe Biden told us that he had the best voter fraud team in the world,” cited Giuliani. “They were good, but they weren’t that good, because they left evidence.

From the tone and tenor of this press conference, it appears that President Trump’s legal team is deadly serious about restoring electoral integrity against Democrat obstruction and denial.

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