Majority of voters say the media BURIED Hunter Biden story to get Joe elected

Majority of voters say the media BURIED Hunter Biden story
to get Joe elected 1

(Natural News) According to a new poll, a majority of voters now believe that the media intentionally buried Hunter Biden stories to help get Joe Biden elected:

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NY POST – The majority of voters believe the media buried the story about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings to help his father Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, according to a survey.

The poll found that 52 percent of likely voters think the absence of Hunter Biden coverage was intended to boost the campaign, while 32 percent considered it a partisan hit job and 17 percent are unsure, Rasmussen Reports said on Tuesday.

An even higher margin — 56 percent — said it’s “likely” the elder Biden was consulted about his son’s business with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and ties to China, and perhaps profited.

Forty-three percent say it’s “very likely,” 38 percent said it’s “unlikely,” and 22 percent believe it’s “not at all likely” — rates that have remained consistent with a poll in October.

A whopping 76 percent of those who have been “very closely” following the news believe the media ignored the stories to help the president-elect, and 72 percent of that group also think the former vice president “likely” knew about and profited from his son’s dealings.

Hunter, 50, announced last week that he is under federal investigation for his “tax affairs,” and reports said the Justice Department has been probing his seat on the Burisma board and his connections to China since 2018.

In October, The Post revealed that Hunter Biden had introduced a top Burisma executive to his father.

But the report, based on information found on the hard drive of a laptop belonging to Hunter, received scant coverage except in conservative news outlets.

Since Hunter announced the existence of the probes, news organizations like the New York Times and CNN have started covering the story.

The Rasmussen survey found that 78 percent of Republicans think the media hid the story, as well as 32 percent of Democrats and 46 percent of voters unaffiliated with either party.

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters between Dec. 13 and 14.

It has a plus/minus 3 percentage-point margin of error.

I’m glad to see Americans waking up to the reality that the media rigged the election for Joe Biden. But a lot of good it does us now.

Between the election fraud and the media refusing to cover damaging stories about Biden, which is really a big deal, they appear to have all but succeeded in their effort to knock Trump out. That is assuming his continuing challenges fail.

I can only hope that Americans remember this in the future when voting for a Republican candidate for president. But realistically that’s four years away and a lot will happen between now and then.

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