Marsha Blackburn calls Biden an “authoritarian” for supporting Big Tech censorship

Marsha Blackburn calls Biden an "authoritarian" for
supporting Big Tech censorship 1

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The Biden regime fully supports Big Tech censorship of free speech, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is outraged.

Blackburn recently penned a letter to the Resident-in-Chief demanding to know why his regime is coordinating with tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter to silence Americans, particularly when they talk about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) online.

China Joe’s latest attempt to flag all Chinese Virus content on Facebook as “disinformation” appears to have been the final straw for Blackburn, who called Hunter’s dad an “authoritarian” for his involvement with the scheme.

According to Blackburn, Biden’s actions “mirror” the worst aspects of authoritarian regimes outside our own borders, rendering our country no better than any of those when it comes to freedom and liberty.

“These revelations are deeply concerning,” Blackburn wrote in her letter to Biden.

“The blatant actions by your administration to work with big tech companies to censor Americans’ free speech are shocking – and arguably a violation of the First Amendment. Communist countries such as Cuba are currently taking away their citizens’ right to use the internet to communicate; the U.S. government should be standing up to, not looking to mirror, authoritarian regimes such as these.”

Blackburn further petitioned Biden to make it known publicly what criteria is being used to determine what constitutes “misinformation” as it pertains to the Fauci Flu, seeing as how the goal posts of “science” are constantly moving to further the agenda.

“What criteria are you directing social media platforms to use to flag and remove posts?” Blackburn wants to know. “What criteria are you directing social media platforms to use to ban users?”

“In your July 15th press briefing, you stated that 12 people are responsible for ’65 percent of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms.’ Who are those accounts and have they, or others, been removed at your direction?”

Biden’s complicity in silencing free speech is illegal

Blackburn also pointed out that Biden’s acts of aggression against the First Amendment are illegal, especially since he is working in concert with private corporations to wage this war on free speech.

“What is the legal basis for your Administration’s decision to direct social media platforms to flag and remove posts from their sites?” she further asked. “Does the White House have staff dedicated to searching social media for content to flag for removal?”

Biden has a responsibility to the American people that he is completely disregarding, even as he seeks to undo the constitutional protections that guard our collective right to say what we wish in the public square, both in real life and online.

When asked during a recent press conference about the matter, Jen Psaki told reporters that Beijing Biden is “in regular touch” with Big Tech. Senior staff members meet up with the tech overlords on a regular basis to conspire new ways to keep outside-the-box thinking about the Fauci Flu from gaining a foothold on social media.

“This is a big issue of misinformation, specifically on the pandemic,” Psaki further stated.

If it can be proven that Hunter’s dad is actively conspiring with tech corporations to stamp out the First Amendment, then he needs to be immediately removed from office and charged with treason against the American people.

“Marsha and the rest of the GOP could file suit against Big Tech based on harm to their own First Amendment rights,” suggested one commenter at Breitbart News about another possible solution. “The proof of government collusion is there.”

“As much as I agree with Blackburn, unfortunately she is all talk and no action,” noted another.

The latest news about the Biden regime’s assault on the First Amendment can be found at FirstAmendment.news.

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