Massive influx of Biden-only votes in Georgia statistically PROVES a stolen election

Massive influx of Biden-only votes in Georgia statistically
PROVES a stolen election 1

(Natural News) Joe Biden’s alleged “win” in the state of Georgia is a statistical impossibility, and it is only a matter of time before the truth is known about what really happened there.

Using a statistical method called a Bernoulli Trial, truth sleuths plugged in the official numbers out of Georgia to calculate the odds of only 800 ballots being marked exclusively for President Trump compared to the 96,800 that were supposedly marked only for Biden.

As it turns out, the odds are next to nil, meaning there is virtually zero chance that nearly 100,000 legitimate voters pulled the proverbial lever only for Biden while less than 1,000 did the same for Trump.

If you are interested in seeing how the calculations were performed, you can do so at this link (scroll down to the Scribd document).

“Our results show that the odds of this difference being random is ONE out of 10 TO THE POWER OF 274,” writes Joe Hoft for The Gateway Pundit. “That is, one chance out of a nonagintillion!!”

“The improbability of this should convince a judge or anyone seeking the truth to perform a real recount of all ballots in Georgia while allowing proper oversight (not one Republican per 10 tables) while including a proper review for signatures as well.”

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Biden campaign obviously complicit in election fraud

A similar scenario has come to light in Michigan, where another computation system known as Benford’s law drew the conclusion that Biden’s “win” there is likewise a statistical impossibility.

Trump was ahead by tens of thousands of votes in Michigan, only to lose that lead overnight when truckloads of new mystery ballots were brought in during the middle of the night and added almost exclusively to Biden’s tally.

“I conducted a Chi-test comparing Michigan’s precinct vote counts to Benford’s law and found that Biden / Harris votes returned a 0.000017% (statistically significant, especially with a very large sample) whereas Trump/Pence votes returned a score of 53.059791% and whilst looking at my data set I noticed there were 0 write-in votes in Michigan,” revealed a truth sleuth who performed the calculations himself.

Based on these two revelations alone, there is good reason to believe, or at least strongly hope based on mounting evidence, that Trump will prevail in both of these states once the dust settles.

Steve Cortes, the Trump 2020 Campaign’s Senior Advisor for Strategy, tweeted that this outsize of “Biden Only” ballots in Georgia contributes to the “solid statistical reasons to be optimistic that Trump will prevail in a hand recount / audit.”

The mainstream media still contends that Biden won the election, case closed. We keep hearing about Trump’s “baseless” claims of election fraud, which come with “no evidence,” the media insists. The above calculations, however, would seem to be some pretty solid evidence, no?

There is nothing more evidential than math, right? The left claims to love math, and “science,” which they continually hawk as unbiased and nonpartisan. If that is the case, then why is the left unable to accept the math that proves Biden lost the election, as well as cheated?

“Biggest voter fraud organization in history. Biden actually told the truth about something,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit quoting Biden when he admitted that his campaign created the “biggest voter fraud organization in history.”

“They only believe in science that fits their narrative which means they don’t believe in science,” wrote another about the left’s hypocrisy when it comes to accepting math and science.

“The result of real experimentation and real empirical analysis does not recognize a political party. They stand on their own whether or not one likes the result or not.”

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