McAuliffe Finally Concedes After Contesting Election With Bizarre Speech Amid Accusations Of Drunkenness

McAuliffe Finally Concedes After Contesting Election With
Bizarre Speech Amid Accusations Of Drunkenness 1

Failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe conceded the election this morning after a strange election night speech where pundits remarked on his wine-colored lips and “weird little dance” as he slurred his speech and ultimately failed to concede the election, insisting that more votes must be counted.

During what was expected to be his concession speech, McAuliffe instead thanked his supporters but insisted more votes needed to be counted, apparently still convinced he could pull off a victory. He then performed “a weird little dance” and left the stage for the night.

McAuliffe later posted to Twitter with the same sentiments: Every Virginian’s vote must be counted before he would concede. For much of the night and until early this morning, McAuliffe was indeed appearing to contest the election, despite McAuliffe and his party both deriding President Donald Trump and his supporters for contesting the 2020 election.

This morning, however, McAuliffe gave no speech but posted a statement to his Twitter account acknowledging his defeat and opponent Glenn Youngkin’s victory. (READ MORE: Conservatives Clown On ‘Insurrectionist’ Terry McAuliffe For Refusing To Concede Election)

McAuliffe admitted that “last night we came up short” in his campaign, then repeated several of his far-left Democrat campaign talking points, ironically including a push for Virginians to “protect our democracy,” despite himself spending much of last night undermining it according to his own standards.

“Congratulations to Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin on his victory,” wrote the losing candidate. “I hope Virginians will join me in wishing the best to him and his family.”

It appears McAuliffe and other Democrats lost hope in what many believed were last minute efforts to find votes for the defeated Democrat in Fairfax County, where issues related to a USB thumb drive required 20,000 ballots to be scanned again. Something similar happened in 2020, when 15,000 ballots were found on a thumb drive resulting in both President Donald Trump and Republican House challenger Nick Freitas losing their elections in the state.

Youngkin and other statewide Republicans won last night buoyed on Republican and independent voters’ collective frustration with the public school system, which in Virginia has faced major scandals in a critical election year including Critical Race Theory, homosexual pornography in classrooms, and a high school bathroom rape that saw a male student wear a skirt to take advantage of the state’s transgender bathroom policy, then anally rape a 15-year-old girl.

Many Republicans now believe Youngkin has a mandate to reinvent Virginia’s education program with an all-new pro-America curriculum that could become the framework for other conservative states.

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