McEnany to Levin: Democrat Officials Redesigned the Election to Prop Up Joe Biden

McEnany to Levin: Democrat Officials Redesigned the Election
to Prop Up Joe Biden 1

Kayleigh McEnany told Mark Levin on Sunday that Democrat secretaries of state redesigned elections across the nation in an effort to prop up candidate Joe Biden. In an appearance on Life, Liberty, and Levin, McEnany said, “These Democrat secretaries of state, I can’t express enough, Mark, what they have done …. They were consistently misrepresenting their opinion, changing deadlines, designing a system to prop up Democrats and Joe Biden.”

McEnany, the White House press secretary who also advises President Trump’s reelection campaign, said the allegations of election fraud deserve to be heard in the courts. She detailed allegations of software issues, intimidation and assault of poll workers, and changed ballot deadlines in violation of state law.

“For decades in these Democrat-run cities, they have designed a system that no one has challenged, where it has been rife with fraud,” McEnany said. “I have hundreds of pages of affidavits right here from Michigan alone, where they saw piles of ballots going through machines multiple times, where they saw that a name was not matched with voter records, they were just logged in with the date of birth of January 1, 1900, example after example.”

“This is an old system, an old, fraudulent system,” she continued. “It took this president winning new states like Pennsylvania and Michigan to challenge the old system. But more than even the instances of fraud we found, back in September we saw Democrat secretaries of state around this country redesigning election systems. Flouting the legislatures who, under Article I, Section 4 [of the Constitution] have the power to determine the time, manner, and place of elections. Redesigning election systems.”

McEnany attacked the practice of mass-mailing absentee ballots, saying, “Our lawyers described it to me like this. It was like sending live ammunition out across the country that was intended to be used in a fraudulent manner. Make no mistake, it was.”

“We found quite a bit in just seven-plus days,” McEnany said. “People willing to put it in writing, in their own handwriting, put their name down, sign their name with a notary present, and give sworn testimony under penalty of perjury. What is remarkable is the consistency with which the affidavits read. One young woman called the c-word. Another one of our poll watchers, who was a man of Chinese descent, being yelled at, ‘Why are you here? You’re not an American.’ And when he said, ‘I am an American,’ he was shouted down for five minutes. These people deserve to be heard.”

In his monologue prior to interviewing McEnany, Levin excoriated Barack Obama for saying on 60 Minutes that the Trump campaign’s electoral challenges undermine our democracy. “I want to say something to President Obama …. don’t you damn lecture us. For four damn years, the FBI was involved in trying to undermine this president. They tried to remove this president from office. A phony criminal investigation. A phony impeachment. You dragged the American people through the dirt, because you wouldn’t accept democracy. You wouldn’t accept the Constitution of the United States. And now everybody is supposed to roll over.”

On the issue of electoral malfeasance, Levin said, “None of this is about good governance. They are enshrining and institutionalizing fraud!”

“They’re the ones undermining our democracy!” Levin concluded. “They’re the ones announcing how they’re going to destroy our constitution!”

You can watch the full segment with Kayleigh McEnany and Mark Levin at this link.

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