Mexican Catholics Urged to Prioritize ‘Life, Family, Religious Freedom’ in Elections

Mexican Catholics Urged to Prioritize ‘Life, Family,
Religious Freedom’ in Elections 1

The Archdiocese of Mexico City has published a voting guide to assist Catholics in the upcoming June 6 national elections, highlighting the issues of life, family, and religious liberty.

“The Catholic voter has many issues to promote and defend: the issues of life, family, and religious freedom are essential to make a decision,” reads the guide, published on April 11. “These are the first test to be passed in order to vote for someone.”

“If a candidate refuses to address these issues or to take a stand on them, it causes a reasonable doubt,” the text states, “since one could suppose that, if elected, the person would similarly refrain from taking a stand on the matter in the exercise of their office.”

Given the spread of abortion, attacks on traditional marriage, and a weakening of religious freedom, these issues are paramount, and candidates should not be able to sit on the fence in their regard, the guide suggests.

“In these times it is not possible to take a neutral stance on respect for life, family, and religious freedom,” the document reiterates. “Support should be given to those who have taken a clear stand for the defense of the life of every human being, for those who see the family as the solution to social problems, and for those who defend religious freedom.”

On June 6, Mexico will hold national elections in which 500 seats in the lower house of the legislature will be decided, as well as one seat in the senate.

The number of authorities that we must elect “seems overwhelming,” the guide states, and “Catholics must avoid falling into confusion or voting without knowing everything that our vote implies.”

Candidates must show “a clear capacity for government and public management in matters that are decisive for national life and the future of the country,” the guide declares.

Once the “first test” of life, family, and religious freedom has been passed, Catholics should move on to “issues such as public safety, education, healthcare, and respect for institutions,” the guide continues, noting that these are very important issues, “which can be addressed in different ways.”

The Catholic Church does not propose a single solution to each of these issues, the guide notes, but “it is very important that the candidates can show that they have clear ideas about each of these issues and propose logical ways to strengthen the community.”

“A person’s ability should be more important to us than their popularity,” the guide reads. “We should not opt for someone just because they are more popular, and even less so because they offer campaign gifts.”

“Our decision will have consequences in the future for an entire community,” it states.

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