Mexico’s Populist President Declines to Speak to Joe Biden, Citing Pending Election Litigation

Mexico’s Populist President Declines to Speak to Joe Biden,
Citing Pending Election Litigation 1

As Europe opens it borders, the European Union (EU) is responding with a push to ban peer-to-peer encrypted messaging services such as Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram to supposedly combat Islamic terrorism.

The Austrian TV network ORF obtained a draft resolution of the EU proposal. The EU claims in the document that encryption is a “necessary means of protecting fundamental rights” in one breathe while at the same time promoting “competent authorities in the area of security and criminal justice” to justify the crackdown against encryption.

“Law enforcement is increasingly dependent on access to electronic evidence to effectively fight terrorism, organized crime, child sexual abuse (particularly its online aspects), as well as a variety of cyber-enabled crimes. For competent authorities, access to electronic evidence is not only essential to conduct successful investigations and thereby bring criminals to justice, but also to protect victims and help ensure security,” the draft resolution states.

“The principle of security through encryption and security despite encryption must be upheld in its entirety. The European Union continues to support strong encryption. Encryption is an anchor of confidence in digitization and in protection of fundamental rights and should be promoted and developed,” the resolution continues.

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“Protecting the privacy and security of communications through encryption and at the same time upholding the possibility for competent authorities in the area of security and criminal justice to lawfully access relevant data for legitimate, clearly defined purposes in fighting serious and/or organized crimes and terrorism, including in the digital world, are extremely important. Any actions taken have to balance these interests carefully,” the document adds.

Big League Politics has reported on how the EU has pushed for mass migration leading to Europe being besieged by third-world migrants, even in the middle of a supposedly deadly global pandemic:

The European Union (EU) is telling countries throughout Europe to open up their borders so cheap labor can flood in from neighboring countries, even if enacting these policies may greatly exacerbate the coronavirus pandemic.

The EU said on Monday that countries across Europe should let in hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in order to help plant and harvest crops. They want nations that are under lock down and experiencing severe economic strain to let in low-wage workers while native Europeans are squeezed out of jobs.

Germany is already complying with the EU directive, as they announced on Thursday that they will exempt migrants from strict border controls meant to stop the spread of coronavirus…

One of the countries expected to provide some of the low-income migrant labor is Romania, which is being hit hard by the coronavirus as they have an extreme shortage of supplies.

“We don’t have gloves, masks, anything,” said a member of the medical team in southeastern Romania’s Râmnicu Sărat hospital tasked with providing health care to coronavirus patients.

“Everything is done on the cheap,” the unnamed staff member told reporters…

The EU is exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic because of their globalist ideology. Multiculturalism is yet again contributing to the destruction of the West.

The West is undergoing a transformation, sometimes called The Great Reset, to eliminate individual freedom and replace it with technocratic dictatorship. Mass migration is directly contributing toward the destruction of a once-great civilization.

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