Michigan ammo company announces 'No Tolerance' policy for Biden voters

Michigan ammo company announces 'No Tolerance' policy for
Biden voters 1

(BIG LEAGUE POLITICS) – Michigan ammunition manufacturing company Fenix Ammunition announced a no tolerance policy relating to sales to Joe Biden voters on Thursday, sending left-wingers up in arms over the consequences of their own actions.

Customers who use Fenix Ammo’s website are asked to affirm that they didn’t vote for Joe Biden when making a purchase. The Novi company primarily sells ammunition online.

Fenix’s owners cited Biden’s pledge to criminalize online sales of ammunition as justification for the no tolerance policy. If Biden enacted such a gun control measure, it would destroy Fenix’s business, as well as many other smaller manufacturers of ammunition that lack the capability to compete with outdoors franchises. Guns and ammunition are one of the few industries in the country still defined by small and medium business, with globalist corporations notoriously opposed to the concept of everyday citizens owning guns.

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