Michigan Audit Advocate Vows to Unveil ‘Incredible New Evidence’ from Antrim County

Michigan Audit Advocate Vows to Unveil ‘Incredible New
Evidence’ from Antrim County 1

The Michigan resident pushing for an audit of Antrim County’s 2020 presidential election results vowed last week to reveal “incredible new evidence” of voter fraud in his next court appeal. 

Bill Bailey, a Central Lake Township resident, told supporters he plans pursue “multiple fronts” of litigation even after 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer rejected his effort to force a new audit of the county’s election results.

“Don’t be disheartened by the judge’s decision today,” Bailey said during a livestream posted on social media. An appeal is “definitely” happening, he added, predicting Elsenheimer will see Bailey’s evidence one way or the other.

Antrim County experienced a major error during the 2020 presidential election when its system flipped thousands of votes for incumbent president Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden.

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County officials have blamed human error for the mishap, but Bailey contends Dominion Voting Systems’s machines, which the county used, manipulated the results.

Antrim County already conducted an audit of the election, but Bailey insisted in a lawsuit that another one is necessary.

“Anybody that’s watching this from the other side that somehow thinks that Bill Bailey and the patriots are going away and, you know, you somehow got a victory and the war is over: Put down the crack pipe, man, you’re dreaming,” Bailey said.

Bailey also suggested Elsenheimer, a former Republican state legislator, caved to “some politicking” when he dismissed the earlier lawsuit.

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However, Elsenheimer said in his ruling that he was rejecting Bailey’s case not because he was confident the “processing of election data here wasn’t corrupted or corruptible,” but because he didn’t believe another audit was necessary.

“By deciding this motion, the court is not saying that there were no problems in the way that Antrim County conducted its November 2020 elections,” Elsenheimer said. 

“The clerk has admitted that there were challenges and problems in the elections, although the hand count ultimately of the presidential election showed the results were largely consistent with the canvas totals that were entered by the state and reported by the county,” he added.

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