Michigan Election Officials are Ordered to Hand Over Records Of Communications with Tech Giants, Dominion Voting Systems

Michigan Election Officials are Ordered to Hand Over Records
Of Communications with Tech Giants, Dominion Voting Systems 1

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, a black Republican, is being compared to the Ku Klux Klan for opposing Marxist anti-white educational standards in the state legislature.

Robinson is the first black Lt. Gov. in North Carolina history, but that is not stopping the Left from comparing him to a Klansman. WRAL published the offensive and racist editorial cartoon that shows what Democrats think of minorities who do not follow their orders:

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The editorial cartoon has sparked a social media backlash against WRAL for publishing the disgraceful and offensive content:

Democrats are playing the race card because they do not want to address their poor educational curriculum that would dumb down students and indoctrinate them into hating the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Lt. Gov. Robinson addressed the sickening political cartoon during a press conference.

“What I want to talk about here today is not about opinions. It’s about who people say they are and who they prove themselves to be and the hypocrisy thereof,” Robinson said.

“Now here we are, second day of Black History Month, one day removed from television stations, newspapers and other mediums celebrating February 1, down in my hometown of Greensboro, where people took a stand against racism and bigotry,” he continued.

“And on the second day of Black History Month, the 2nd, the first black Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina has been portrayed as such by one of the largest news outlets in the state. Now, this is not a private individual. This is not somebody’s Facebook page. This is a newspaper that goes out to millions of readers,” Robinson added.

Robinson made it clear that he fully supports the 1st Amendment and wishes to bring down no government policies to censor WRAL. However, he maintains that the news outlet deserves to be shamed and reprimanded for their lack of ethics.

“I have proven exactly who they are. That cartoon doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is the hypocrisy behind it,” he said.

“This office is not going to stand by and let it go by, and I’m not going to go along to get along. I’m going to call them out every time,” Robinson added.

Robinson is showing what strong empowered minority leadership in public office looks like in actuality. He should be a rising star in the GOP moving forward with his willingness to go after the Left for their extreme hypocrisy.

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