Michigan Legislature Subpoenas Crucial Election Records From Detroit Voter Fraud Hub

Michigan Legislature Subpoenas Crucial Election Records From
Detroit Voter Fraud Hub 1

The Michigan state legislature is issuing subpoenas to obtain crucial election records in the city of Detroit and nearby Livonia suburb – including laptops, hard drives, electronic poll books, and emails.

This comes after Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson demanded the deletion of all “E-Pollbook laptops and flash drives … unless a petition for recount has been filed and the recount has not been completed, a post-election audit is planned but has not yet been completed, or the deletion of the data has been stayed by an order of the court or the Secretary of State” by Nov. 30. State Republicans immediately cried foul at the request.

State senator Ruth Johnson (R-Holly), who served in the role of secretary of state prior to Benson, hopes that all the evidence can be retrieved and analyzed.

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“Election integrity should not be a partisan issue, this information needs to be preserved while there are ongoing lawsuits, audits, and Oversight committee review of the November election,” Johnson said. “Only after these activities are concluded should this information be deleted for data privacy reasons.”

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Big League Politics has reported on how Benson has worked mightily to destroy evidence or hide it from the public after the dubious vote marred with irregularities. She recently pushed in court to have a forensic audit of Dominion’s voting machine in Antrim County obscured from the masses:

A Michigan circuit court judge is allowing Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to conceal the findings from the forensic audit of Dominion voting machines in Antrim County from the public.

Judge Kevin Elsenheimer made the ruling on Thursday to approve an intervention by Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office on Benson’s behalf. Benson contended that she has supervisory control over the Antrim clerk. Democrats in charge of the state are pushing to make sure that forensic imaging on 22 Dominion vote counting machines never sees the light of day.

“We’d like to know more about what was obtained, what the intent is for the use of the images obtained,” said Assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast, who apparently cares more about protecting Dominion’s trade secrets than safeguarding electoral integrity.

Elsenheimer, a former state representative and political appointee of ‘Never Trump’ former Republican Governor Rick Snyder, said that although he was complying with the request from state Democrats that he expects the process to move quickly.

“I intend to move this matter quickly, aggressively,” Elsenheimer said.

Matthew DePerno, an attorney for Antrim County resident William Bailey, argued that Benson should not be allowed to intervene. He stated that she refrained from doing so earlier until it came time to possibly cover for Dominion then she snapped into action. DePerno also argued that there is no basis for her direct involvement in local elections.

“The court concluded there was no relief to be granted because elections are local and run by local officials,” he said.

The investigation is still underway, but DePerno believes that the findings will result in Antrim County decertifying their vote. This may be what Benson, Nessel and the Democrat gangsters want to prevent.

“We think there are serious issues, and we’re preparing right now a motion to seek relief from the court from the protective order,” DePerno said.

The momentum behind the movement to overturn voter fraud is building rapidly. If Republican leaders do not join the cause, the GOP could be a dead party before long.

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