Michigan Rep. Jones threatens to call Governor on police after drunk driving car crash

Michigan Rep. Jones threatens to call Governor on police
after drunk driving car crash 1

TROY, MI- According to a police report, a Michigan lawmaker who was in a car crash and accused of drunk driving, told Michigan State Police troopers that he would call the governor and that he was the one who had oversight of the police department’s budget.

The police report also stated that the lawmaker posted pictures of himself looking beat up after being arrested for drunk driving, that he had a handgun in a drink holder in his car, and that he fought with the state troopers.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. on April 6th when Michigan State Police and EMS responded to a single-vehicle crash that involved Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones.

Witnesses told police that Jones’ black Chevy Tahoe with the license plate “ELECTED,” had been drifting erratically all over Interstate 96 before it ran off the road and overturned into a ditch.

According to the police report, which The Detroit News obtained a copy of, Jones said:

“I don’t give a (expletive) bro, when I call Gretchen I’ll (sic) need y’all (sic) ID’s badge numbers, everything.”

He also said:

“It’s not going to be good for you, I run y’all budget, bro.”

Two troopers arrived at the scene of the crash and said that the 26-year-old Democrat was combative and attempted to flash a badge at police instead of his identification. Troopers attempted to detain Jones, but he resisted.

The police report confirmed that Jones struggled with the officers and refused to comply with verbal commands, so a stun gun was deployed on him twice, which had no effect. Troopers then pepper-sprayed him.

It took the assistance of a third officer from Fowlerville to get Jones safely and securely into handcuffs. Troopers found a loaded Glock handgun in the cup holder in the front seat of Jones’ SUV. The report also stated that Jones allegedly pushed an emergency medical technician in the chest. 

Reportedly, the elected official refused a breath test, but the state police got a warrant for a blood test. Toxicology results showed that Jones had a blood alcohol level of .19 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit.

Jones was arrested and booked into the Livingston County Jail overnight, but was released pending his blood test results the following day. Once he was released, he posted a video of himself to social media that showed he had two black eyes and implied that he had been the victim of police brutality.

When the lab results came back, Jones was charged with four counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer, operating a vehicle with a high blood alcohol content, operating while intoxicated, reckless driving, and possession of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol.

His lawyer, Ali Hammoud, said that he and his client were reviewing evidence and would refrain from commenting ahead of Jones’ preliminary examination. 

Jones is currently serving in his third term in the Michigan House. He is a member of the National Guard and Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, and an auxiliary officer in Inkster.

In the Legislature, Jones is a Democratic vice chairman of the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee. Jones made history in 2016 by becoming the youngest-ever member of the Michigan House at the age of 21. 

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Pro-cop Army vet and African immigrant announces he’s running against police-bashing Governor Whitmer

February 3rd, 2021

MICHIGAN- Austin Chenge, 35, is an entrepreneur, Army veteran, and African immigrant who has launched his campaign to run as a Republican against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in 2022.

Chenge, who recently appeared on The Kyle Olson Show, said that he moved to America after college to join his family, who immigrated to the state in 2008. He said:

“When I began this campaign, it was because of the love that I have for this state. I couldn’t just stand by and let everything just fall apart without doing anything about it.”

Chenge added that he is “deeply conservative,” citing the First and Second Amendments as things needing to be defended. He said:

“Our American values are based on Judeo Christian principles. That’s not something anybody should be ashamed of.”

Chenge alleged that Whitmer bases her decisions on politics. He said:

“She doesn’t are about the people of Michigan. She has surrounded herself with a group of people who just say yes, which is a classic characteristic of a dictator.”

Chenge discussed how the government system includes checks and balances and stated that Whitmer has note been working with the legislature on solutions to the coronavirus pandemic. He said:

“I have met people who have lost everything because the governor wakes up today, ‘This is the order.’ The next day it changes. People don’t know what to do anymore.”

He added:

“People are losing their livelihoods, they’re losing their savings, they’re losing everything they worked for. That is not right. That is unAmerican.”

Chenge said that he has already visited all 83 counties in the state and engaged with voters. He continues to encourage those in power to do the same. He said:

“I’d go out there and meet people and talk to them. I’m going to be very accessible. I’m not going to lock myself up in a mansion and sit there and build a fence around it to put people out.”

He added:

“You send the wrong message as a leader, you welcome people with open arms. You don’t hide behind security checkpoints and all of that.”

He added that he believes Americans will “do the right thing” with information about the coronavirus and would prefer a strategy of keeping things open as opposed to the lockdown strategy Whitmer has employed. He said:

“They’re going to stay open, businesses are going to be running, but they’ll be very responsible. But, when you come down hard on people and begin to dictate to everyone what they should and should not do and threaten them with fines, shut down their livelihoods, what you’re going to have is you’re going to create massive unemployment and people are just going to be sick and tired of everything that’s happening.”

He added:

“I’m encouraging people not to give up.”

According to his campaign website, on day one of being Michigan’s next Governor:

“I will cancel any contract Michigan has with Dominion and fight for voter ID; introduce the biggest tax cuts in Michigan history; cut government spending and keep money in the pockets of Michigan families and hardworking Americans.”

Additionally, Chenge plans to:

“Create mental and psychological emergency care units across Michigan and provide better access to healthcare and education; defend our constitution, our God-given rights, our unborn citizens, and our American family values; immediately cut funding to sanctuary cities, repeal the pension tax, and fund our post-apocalyptic roads.”

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It’s happening: Michigan House Republicans call for impeachment hearings for Governor Whitmer

November 16, 2020

LANSING, MI- On Saturday, November 15th, Matt Maddock, Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives, called for impeachment hearings for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The Milford Township representative tweeted:

“Today, myself and a growing list of Michigan Legislators have decided that @GovWhitmer has crossed the line and will be calling for #ImpeachWhitmer hearings.

The list of violations is long and the call is overdue #MIGOP #MILEG.”

Reportedly, the statement came on the heels of new COVID-19 restrictions that were issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Sunday, November 15th. The order bans indoor dining at restaurants and bars.


Additionally, theaters, movie theaters, stadiums, arenas, bowling centers, ice skating rinks, indoor water parks, bingo halls, casinos, and arcades must close. Group fitness classes have been suspended.

Whitmer also shuttered in-person learning for high schoolers, arguing that that population has the most contact with their peers.

Amateur organized sports, including current high school playoff seasons are also “paused.” Whitmer dubbed the actions a three-week “pause.” On Parler, Maddock posted:

“Myself and the following members: Daire Rendon, Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, Shane Hernandez, Dan Lauwers, Land Theis, and a growing list of Legislators are calling forth with for impeachment hearings for Governor Whitmer.”

He added:

“Michigan voters know she has committed the following impeachable conduct: ignored court orders, violated our Constitutional rights, completely ignored due process and the legislature, weaponized contract tracing databases and aid democrat campaigns, using our kids as political pawns and denied special needs students who depend on the services that occur during in-person classes.

Caused the unnecessary death of thousands of our vulnerable elderly who died alone and scared in nursing homes.”

He finished by writing:

“I’ve listed the first things that come to my mind. What did I miss.”

According to reports, in Michigan, the House of Representatives initiates impeachment and a majority vote is required. In the next legislative, Republican will have a 58-52 majority. Three representatives would be appointed to prosecute the impeachment case in the Senate.

Two-thirds of senators must vote to convict the governor in order for her to be removed. Republicans hold a 22-16 majority in that chamber, so at least three Democrats would need to vote affirmatively for removal.

In response to Maddock’s post, Tiffany Brown, press secretary for Whitmer’s office said:

“Governor Whitmer doesn’t have any time for partisan politics or people who don’t wear masks, don’t believe in science, and don’t have a plan to fight this virus.”

She added:

“Right now, she is focused on saving lives. The governor will continue to work hard for all 10 million Michiganders. This is about Michigan vs. COVID-19. Governor Whitmer doesn’t care if you’re a Trump Republican or a Biden Democrat. We are all in this together.”

However, according to reports, this session, the Republican-led House and Senate were often at odds with Whitmer, especially when it came to responding to the state’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Legal challenges to Whitmer’s emergency power supported by Republicans ultimately went to the Michigan Supreme Court, which struck down her authority to declare an emergency without legislative approval after 28 days.

During a recent press conference, Whitmer called on the legislature to back up the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services emergency public health order by enacting a mask mandate.

When asked about whether he would support doing so, Rep. Jason Wentworth, the next speaker of the Michigan House, was critical of her making the comments at a press conference instead of working directly with legislative leadership. He said:

“It looks more like a press stunt to me than it does an actual policy.”

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MICHIGAN – During a June 19th interview on No BS New Hours, Michigan state Republican Senator Peter Lucido alleged that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s policies with regard to co-mingling positive COVID patients with those not infected within nursing homes is at this point a criminal act.

In Senator Lucido’s perspective, Governor Whitmer “cold-blooded killed” elderly patients within the state’s nursing homes by the very practice.

While speaking with the show host Charlie LeDuff, the state senator stated the following:

“What our governor has done is literally cold-blooded killed the most injured parties that are out there. The ones that have compromised immune systems—cold-blooded.”

When remarking on the actions taken by the governor’s disregard for common sense that he believes embarks upon criminal acts, Senator Lucido noted that the science proves that the move to keep elderly patients uninfected with COVID among those infected is grossly irresponsible:

“Science and data do not support infecting healthy people who have to be protected at all costs.”

While not mincing his words, Senator Lucido’s take on the matter was a little more tactful in his mentioning of the debacle as opposed to show host LeDuff’s take. The No BS News Hour host said that Governor Whitmer needed to “swallow” her pride and “get the goddamn shit fixed.”

When the senator was asked whether he’d explore the possibility of seeing if criminal proceedings could be levied against the state’s governor if he were ever elected as prosecutor, Lucido responded with the following:

“You’re damn right. I’d be looking at this real carefully and saying, ‘What medical data and expert did you rely on?’”

Senator Lucido explained that via Governor Whitmer essentially poising herself during the COVID response as being the sole decision maker on numerous matters related to the pandemic, he would absolutely prosecute her is he were in said position of power:

“I can look down at the data, which is not there, the science, which is not there, and have doctors come to testify to support that the medical decisions that were made here were made unilaterally by one person only…Gretchen Whitmer – you’re damn right she’s going to get charged because she deserves to own up to those deaths in those nursing homes.”

Governor Whitmer’s response to COVID in relation to nursing homes bears a significant resemblance to the backlash that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo received for running similar nursing home practices during the outbreak.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Apparently, the New York state Department of Health website tried to cover up the remnants of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s March 25th order that forced nursing homes to admit COVID patients into the facilities.

However, the internet always leaves a trace, no matter what.

The webpage that once contained the March orders from the governor’s office about nursing homes being required to take in recent COVID patients has mysteriously vanished.

Obviously, there’s not much mystery to it, as it was clearly taken down after the backlash received over the confusing mandate delivered while the elderly were cited as being most vulnerable to the virus.

While Governor Cuomo at least amended the decision on compelling nursing homes to admit recent COVID patients, it wasn’t fixed until early May. Giving over a month’s time for the virus to wreak havoc in the likes of elderly care facilities not medically poised to deal with a sudden increase in infected patients.

Even though the webpage appears to have been scrubbed on or after May 5th, an archived version of the page still exists – thanks to the Wayback Machine. Thus, the bizarre order given in late March by Governor Cuomo can be forever referenced by those curious as to what he was thinking on March 25th.

The original order carried such quotable gems, like the following:

“No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

What was perhaps the most troubling from that delivered order was the portion related to saying nursing homes couldn’t even test those recently released by hospitals for COVID.

Effectively, not allowing the facilities to be able to appropriately address recently released patients who may have been still positive for the virus.

Elaine Mazzotta is a nurse who recently had her mother pass away from a suspected COVID case inside of a Long Island nursing home where she resided. She thinks the manner that the state handled nursing home admissions was “negligent”:

“The way this has been handled by the state is totally irresponsible, negligent and stupid. They knew better. They shouldn’t have sent these people into nursing homes.”

Governor Cuomo’s office defended their March 25th order by saying they were simply following the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines published on March 13th. Melissa DeRosa, Governor Cuomo’s secretary, referenced this portion of the March 13th memorandum:

“Note: Nursing homes should admit any individuals that they would normally admit to their facility, including individuals from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was/is present. Also, if possible, dedicate a unit/wing exclusively for any residents coming or returning from the hospital.”

When the secretary to the governor pointed out the following, she managed to somehow intertwine President Trump into the citation:

“Not ‘could’. ‘Should’. That is President Trump’s CMS and CDC… There are over a dozen states that did the exact same thing.”

However, there’s two glaring holes in the “logic” provided by DeRosa pointing to the March 13th memo issued by the CMS and over a “dozen states” who followed the aforementioned.

The first being is that the memo said “should” while Cuomo’s March 25th order forced nursing homes to accept COVID patients. One is a suggestion by the CMS, and Cuomo’s was a mandate.

Big difference.

Not to mention, the CMS memo didn’t mention anything about not testing incoming residents to nursing homes, while Cuomo’s order barred nursing homes from being able to administer tests for COVID to incoming residents returning from the hospital.

As for the “dozen” other states that followed the suggestions laid out by the CMS, no other state comes close to New York in terms of rates of infection and mortality regarding the virus. Not exactly a very good comparison.

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