'Moderate' Texas Democrat James Talarico Flat-Out Opposes Voter ID. Period.

'Moderate' Texas Democrat James Talarico Flat-Out Opposes
Voter ID. Period. 1

Texas state Rep. James Talarico represents a swing-state House district, HD 52. It’s north of Austin, comprised of suburbs and communities in Travis and Williamson counties. Tallarico has billed himself as a moderate Democrat. The seat was held by state Rep. Larry Gonzales (R) for several terms before he retired.

But this week, Talarico fled Texas along with his fellow radicals to block a popular voter-integrity bill that’s up for consideration in the legislature’s special session.

He went on Fox News on Wednesday and admitted that he opposes voter ID. Take a look.

“Pete I just said, I oppose voter ID. It’s currently the law in Texas but I oppose that law,” Talarico admitted to a clearly surprised Pete Hegseth.

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That’s a startling admission. Talarico will likely “revise and extend” his comments before long, but he was crystal clear: State Rep. James Talarico, alleged moderate Democrat of House District 52, does not want secure elections in Texas. He opposes voter ID, which is supported by about 80% of Texans, including, presumably, just as strong a majority in District 52.

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