MORE FROM SIDNEY POWELL: Dominion, Smartmatic and China Involved in a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ in the 2020 US Election

MORE FROM SIDNEY POWELL: Dominion, Smartmatic and China
Involved in a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ in the 2020 US Election 1

Sidney Powell was on with Lou Dobbs last night.  She discussed the many crimes she and her team have uncovered in the coup attempt to steal the election away from President Trump. 

In this segment with Lou, Powell focused on the extraordinary cyber crimes, or as Powell called it, the ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’.

Powell shared:

They designed and developed the Smartmatic and Dominion programs and machines that included a controller module that allows people to log in and manipulate the vote even as it’s happening.  We’re finding more and more evidence of this.  We now have reams and reams of actual documents from Smartmatic and Dominion including evidence that they planned and executed all of this.

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We know that $400 million of money came into Smartmatic from China only a few weeks before the election, that there are George Soros connections to the entire endeavor.  Lord Mallach Brown was part of it along with the other people from Dominion.  Eric Coomer, the person who also holds patents on some of the software… We have evidence on how they flipped the votes, how it was designed to flip the votes, and that all of it has been happening just as we have been saying it has been.

Powell is right.  There are so many issues with the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software that they never should have been brought into the USA.  One item Powell may be referring to in her interview is the remote device developed and used in the Dominion machines that allows remote access and is developed by a company owned by the Chinese.  This device was bought and paid for by the US taxpayer:

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Sidney Powell is right. The US was attacked in the 2020 election with a Cyber Pearl Harbor coming from China and Soros related entities.

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