MSNBC Anchors Melt Down At Potential GOP Victory In Virginia

MSNBC Anchors Melt Down At Potential GOP Victory In
Virginia 1

MSNBC panelists had a meltdown Tuesday night at the thought of a potential Republican statewide victory in Virginia for the first time since 2009.

Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin, according to Nicole Wallace, “laundered [former President Donald] Trump’s really sort of disgusting flagrant out racism.”

Wallace repeated the Democrats’ false talking point that critical race theory infecting K-12 education is a cooked-up conspiracy made up by conservatives.

“His campaign promise,” Wallace said, “is, ‘on day one! I’m going to ban critical race theory.’ That is like us banning the ghosts. There are no ghosts!”

Of course, Virginia schools are indeed teaching critical race theory, as outlined by City Journal reporter Chris Rufo.

Former Democrat Gov. and repeat candidate Terry McAuliffe’s own Department of Education demanded Virginia teachers “embrace critical race theory,” a form of state-sponsored racism indoctrinating students to see the world entirely through the lens of skin color.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid labeled Republicans “dangerous to our national security.”

“These Republicans are dangerous … This isn’t a party that’s just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they’re dangerous,” Reid said, charging Republicans with “stoking” a form of “white nationalism” that leads to domestic terrorism.

The network anchor pointed to the January riot at the U.S. Capitol to make her point, never mind the repeated outbreaks of explosive unrest which became routine nationwide last summer. The two weeks of carnage in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death alone caused 66 times the damage than the Capitol “insurrection.”

The riots were provoked by concepts espoused by critical race theory and embedded in the New York Times’ anti-American “1619 Project.” When presented with the idea of branding the violent unrest marking a summer of rage as the “1619 Riots,” the architect of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, said it would be “an honor.

In the late stages of the campaign, Youngkin pivoted from running a conventional beltway Republican campaign in a state-turned reliably blue over the last decade to one of a cultural conservative crusader in defense of parental oversight of schools.

The full pivot came on the heels of McAuliffe declaring on the September debate stage, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision.”

Education became a focal point in the race, aggravated by 18 months of schools closings and a fall letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) citing protests at Virginia school board meetings in their labeling of concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.”

The group apologized for the letter in late October, after Attorney General Merrick Garland testified in the Senate that federal prosecutors had begun investigations based on the letter’s claims.

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