Election Fraud

National Election Fraud: Evidence of National Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election

National Election Fraud: Evidence of National Chicanery
During America’s 2020 Presidential Election 1

Election fraud in the 2020 presidential race on a national
scale? We’ve compiled a litany of facts and data here so that you
can decide for yourself.

Below we explore the details and the data of what happened
across the nation on Election Day, with flagrant and often sloppy
irregularities occurring from coast to coast. Elsewhere we explore
similar efforts in the key swing states of Pennsylvania,
and Georgia

The General Landscape of American Election Fraud

The media is trying to weave a narrative with ever-shifting
goalposts. They began by saying that not only did voter fraud not
happen, but that it’s impossible. Now, they have shifted their
story to saying that there is always minor fraud, but that it never
really matters much.

The Heritage Foundation has identified 1,200
elections where voter fraud made the difference in recent
�long after the era of Jim Crow when election theft was
de rigueur. Of these, fully 15 were thrown out specifically because
cheating by mail-in ballot

Mail-in ballots are largely banned in Europe, where
voter ID requirements are likewise the norm
has been recognized specifically as an offender.

Another narrative in the controlled media is that illegal aliens
and other non-citizens don’t vote. This is patently untrue. In
fact, they vote at alarmingly high rates. A 2019 study found that
approximately 2.2 percent of respondents admitted to voting
illegally, which implies a little under
a million ballots cast by non-citizens every year

The counterargument is that respondents are either lying or
misunderstood the question, but this is simply not true — those
who conducted the study
verified their votes

So we can see that electoral fraud is not only impossible, it is
common. It is not negligible, it has determined elections in living
memory. With this as our backdrop, we will now investigate voter
irregularities throughout the nation during the 2020 Presidential

What Constitutes Evidence of Electoral Fraud?

Before going further, it is worth discussing what constitutes
evidence for electoral fraud. Well, the Carter Center has a set of
that they use to determine whether or not there has
been electoral fraud somewhere.

These are the standards used by globalists to determine whether
or not elections they disapprove of have been conducted
fraudulently. Several of them are present in the contested

  • Counting procedures should be verifiable.
  • Votes should be presented for independent review.
  • Elections should be subject to recounts.

Additionally, the Carter Center states that it is the right of
dissidents to challenge and question the results of an election
that they believe to be fraudulent. Harassing dissidents is
considered evidence of chicanery in and of itself.

“Effective redress†is the term they use and it is
considered by the Carter Center to be vital for establishing an
election as legitimate. The resistance of the Democratic Party to
recounts and audits should be a red flag in and of itself.

There are also mathematical anomalies that are worth looking
into because, regardless of turnout and outcome, elections will
follow certain patterns. One of these is that, because of mail
sorting, mail-in ballots will consistently show the same ratio of
support for each candidate.
We did not see that, however
— there is a significant spike
in support for Biden and fall off in support for President Trump as
Election Night dragged on.

Indeed, in Wisconsin, this anomaly became massive around 4 a.m.,
the same time that the massive ballot drops without supervision
began. The same phenomenon occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan and
Georgia, all four of these states with copious amounts of electoral
chicanery and irregularity. Virginia was another state with similar
mathematical irregularities.

Benford’s Law
is another area where we see mathematical irregularities. Put
simply: When we have large datasets of numbers, there is a pattern
we can find with regard to the final and penultimate digit of each
number in this data set.

Benford’s Law analysis is one of the first things run by
forensic accountants looking for financial malfeasance or tax

Many of the electoral tallies in disputed states violate
Benford’s Law —
but only for Joe Biden
, whose distribution more closely
resembles the curve when people type “random†numbers in.
President Trump, Jo Jorgensen, Howie Hawkins, and Kanye West’s
numbers do not violate this law, but former Vice President
Biden’s do in disputed areas.

The Wikipedia article about Benford’s Law was altered and
locked after several
enterprising Twitter users
began investigating
this strand of the 2020 election theft.

The Glitch From Coast to Coast

One recurring theme throughout the 2020 election is the glitch.
There have been a number of glitches, many detailed in our series
on irregularities in different states. This, in and of itself might
not be cause for concern — however, in every case, these
so-called “software glitches†favor former Vice President Biden
at the expense of President Donald Trump.

Again, we have detailed these in our state series article, but
we will mention some here just to give you a general idea of what
has been going on with these “glitches.â€

One in Michigan sent
6,000 votes to Biden
that were meant for Donald Trump. Another
in Wisconsin, robbed Donald Trump of
19,500 votes
. Another similar glitch in
saw an unspecified number of votes go to Biden that
were, once again, meant for the President.

There appears to be a pattern here. Were these all bona fide
mistakes, we would likely find votes that were meant to go for Joe
Biden going to Donald Trump before the situation was corrected. But
we are unaware of any such error in favor of the President.

The common denominator? The voting software used to calculate
the vote made by a company with deep connections to the DNC.

The Turnout That Wasn’t

The DNC’s victory in the 2020 Presidential election relies
heavily upon a massively increased turnout, again centered around a
handful of large cities controlled by the Democratic Party. One
example of this is 90 percent turnout in the entire State
of Wisconsin
, which would not only be the highest level of
turnout in American history, but also comes close to the 92 percent
average in Australia where voting is mandatory. In the city of
Milwaukee alone, the turnout was 84 percent.

Compare this turnout to Cleveland, a culturally comparable city
not in a swing state, which had a comparatively scant 51 percent
turnout. This is an important city to draw a contrast with because,
while it is a Democratic stronghold, as are most large cities, and
it has a similar minority population, it was not in a state that
was considered in play this election. Democrats attempted to steal
the election by fabricating astronomical turnout in urban areas
they control in swing states.

The turnout gambit becomes even more laughable when one
considers that Biden is one of the least invigorating Democratic
candidates since John Kerry or Mike Dukakis. Yet somehow this
candidate was able to increase his vote above what Barack Obama
enjoyed, with some districts in Milwaukee putting up
more votes than there are registered voters in the area

A broad study conducted by
Judicial Watch
found that 353 counties across 29 states had
turnout exceeding 100 percent of registered voters. Eight of these
had turnout exceeding 100 percent across the entire state: Alaska,
Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and

Perhaps more damning, the study was limited to 37 states
publishing their voter registration data. This means that, of the
37 states that Judicial Watch had access to, 78 percent of them had
turnout exceeding 100 percent.

Vetting of Mail-In Ballots

The American public was warned for months in advance that
mail-in balloting, illegal throughout most of Europe, is inherently
insecure and lends itself to the kind of mass voter fraud that we
are seeing in action right now.

But the mail-in ballots that we are seeing in this election are
not just nonspecifically “suspect.†They are rife with
irregularities and a lack of accountability that should cause them
to be closely investigated, audited and, where appropriate, thrown
out entirely.

Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania are particularly questionable.
This is a state where Biden enjoyed a
60.5 percent lead in mail-in voting
. More damning is the fact
that many of these ballots seem to have arrived before they were
even sent, arrived the same day or arrived within one day of being
sent. This is an abnormal amount of processing time, especially
when we consider the surge in mail due to the election.

James O’Keefe found two whistleblowers at USPS, one of whom
was willing to come forward, who told of backdating ballots. This
whistleblower was
intimidated by the feds
and it was
falsely reported that he recanted his report

Vetting of mail-in ballots is particularly important because
they are widely open to electoral fraud, as we have discussed
above. So it is troubling that we have multiple reports, including
in the form of
sworn affidavits
presented before the court, of poll watchers
being thrown out, mocked, intimidated and even physically assaulted
during the course of counting mail-in ballots.

Of special note is the strong resistance to poll workers in
swing states to allow anyone to watch them. In Pennsylvania, poll
workers were caught
on video
expelling poll watchers despite knowledge of a court
order preventing them from doing so. Reports of expelled poll
watchers were part of the lawsuit filed in Michigan and there were
reports out of Georgia
. This raises the obvious question —
why don’t they want anyone watching them?

Biden Outperformed Obama

Biden’s turnout when compared with Barack Obama is another
area warranting special investigation. It is worth noting that
Biden was generally viewed as a less-than-ideal candidate in no
small part because he generated very little enthusiasm among
Democratic Party voters. In contrast, Obama was a rock star
candidate who had just defeated the party’s presumptive nominee
in a hard-fought primary. Biden, on the other hand, was largely
foisted on the party through back room deals in an attempt to
prevent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders from obtaining the
nomination for President.

Biden also barely campaigned throughout the primary season. Most
of the campaign was characterized by the candidate calling
“lids,†a term meaning that he was home for the day and would
be doing no more press, with the occasional teleconference. Not
only did he start with an unethusiastic base who would have
preferred nearly anyone else, he did little to motivate his base
throughout the course of the election.

Yet somehow, he outperformed Hillary
who won a hard-fought primary against Senator Sanders
and kept pace with numbers from Barack Obama’s
and 2012
campaigns, being able to boast that he has received more votes than
any other candidate for President
in American history
. In some cases — tellingly in areas
crucial for winning the election — Biden was able to outperform
Barack Obama.

For example, in Chester, Cumberland, and Montgomery Counties in
Pennsylvania, he outperformed Obama by
approximately 25 percent
. In Montgomery County, he was able to
double Barack Obama’s margin of victory. He increased the raw
vote total there by fully 80,000 votes. The population of this
county only increased by 22,000 in the years between Obama’s
victory and Biden’s alleged one.

Not only should we be skeptical of the numbers, we should be
skeptical of them because of where they came in from. Such dubious
numbers were not coming in from places that we could assume were
Democratic Party strongholds like New
York, Chicago and Miami
where Biden actually saw a decrease in
voters relative to Hillary Clinton. So why is he putting up these
high totals only in a handful of cities (Atlanta, Detroit,
Milwaukee, Philadelphia) controlled by Democrats in swing

Biden-Only Ballots

Another area of suspicion are the Biden-only ballots. Tens or
hundreds of thousands of voters marked their ballots only for Joe
Biden, with presumably
no interest in down ballot races
. While it’s not unusual for
people to take an outsized interest in the Presidential election,
it is unusual for 450,000 people to have no interest in down ballot
races and for this to be concentrated in a handful of swing

The strange dichotomy here is that people were far more likely
to do this in alleged swing states
with competitive Senate races like Georgia
, while deep red
states like Wyoming did not see a massive number of Biden-only
ballots. In Georgia, there was only
a difference of 818 votes between Trump and down ticket Senate

Biden, on the other hand, received over 95,000 more votes than
either Senate candidate on the ballot in Georgia. In Wyoming there
were a mere 725 more votes for Biden than the Democratic Senate
candidate in the state.

reports on five states with anomalous Biden-only voting,
all of which keep coming up with various irregularities:
Pennsylvania (98,000), Georgia (80-90,000), Arizona (42,000),
Michigan (69-115,000) and Wisconsin (62,836).

All told, Republicans won
28 out of 29 competitive House races
as of November 8 and
flipped three state legislatures, but were somehow unable to
deliver the White House to the President. So we are expected to
believe that not only did Joe Biden receive more votes than Barack
Obama and that these came largely on the back of massive inner-city
turnout, but that this massive turnout for Joe Biden was
unable to flip a single state legislature

Biden-only ballots are a recurring theme in all of the states in
question. While they are by no means a smoking gun, they do point
toward significant irregularities that need to be investigated
before Joe Biden can begin claiming victory.

Who Counts the Votes? Irregularities In Counting Systems

There is a quote often attributed to Joseph Stalin, but is

probably apocryphal
: It doesn’t who votes, it matters who
counts the votes. It doesn’t really matter who, if anyone,
actually said this. The point is that it doesn’t matter what
votes actually say if the votes are ignored or altered by the
person doing the counting.

In the 21st Century most of our vote counting is done by
machines which use proprietary software. Most states used systems
supplied by Dominion Voting Systems. What’s more, the
irregularities in vote counting, in particular the “glitchesâ€
that universally favor Joe Biden, come from these voting

First, we should note that there were 92 donations made by
Dominion employees over the last year
according to the FEC
. Of these, 80 went to Democratic super PAC
ActBlue, seven went to Senator Bernie Sanders, four to the Trump
campaign and one went to the DNC. What’s more, Dominion Voting
Systems has a partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative as
well as former employees of the Clinton Growth Initiative on staff,
according to One
America News Network

Rudy Giuliani claims that the legal campaign to protect the
election has
whistleblowers from Dominion
ready to go on record.

A bit in the weeds, but worth mentioning, is the allegation that
intelligence software was used to change vote counts. There is a
video on this subject here. As we say,
this is a bit in the weeds, but worth mentioning for those who wish
to go down that rabbit hole.

NOQ Report has been kind enough to do a
deep dive on the topic of Dominion’s role
in the 2020
Presidential election. They found significant vote switching in
Georgia (17,407, where Biden leads with 14,148 votes) and
Pennsylvania (with over one million votes switched in favor of Joe
Biden). The article is mostly just a list of switched votes and
lost votes, but it bears reading because it sheds light on just how
massive a role vote switching played in the 2020 election, further
cementing the theory that Dominion played a role in the theft.

Fight Back to Save America

Don’t let any of this get you down, because the fight is far
from over. Both President Trump and Congressional Republicans are
working hard, both in the public sphere and in the courts to make
sure that the 2020 election is fair and transparent.

So what can you do to join in the fight?

First, you should call your elected representatives. That means
calling your state rep, your state senator, your House Rep and your
U.S. Senator. You should do this be they friend or foe — either
way, they need to know that you insist on having all legal votes
counted. Insist on concrete steps to ensure the integrity of the
vote. Do not settle for stock answers about the importance of
democracy. A Twitter account has made what is actually a very
good script
for you to follow when you call in. Be firm, but

If you want to take to the streets, there are opportunities.
Stop The Steal is the
movement dedicated to putting bodies in the streets of our
nation’s state capitals to let our elected officials know that we
are not going to stand for seeing our elections stolen in a manner
befitting Zimbabwe. There are almost daily rallies at the state
capitol building and the TFC Center in Detroit. What’s more, a
nationwide rally in DC called the Million MAGA March is
scheduled for November 14. The Democratic government of Washington,
DC has responded with
new COVID restrictions
 designed to cripple the march.

What can you do? Quite a lot. Nothing less than the future of
the country is at stake. If they can steal this election, don’t
expect another one to be free and fair. But do expect a lot of gun
grabs and speech laws.

National Election Fraud: Evidence of National Chicanery During
America’s 2020 Presidential Election
 by Ammo.com‘s lead writer, Sam Jacobs, originally
appeared in Thought
, the blog at LibertasBella.com

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