New Jersey Poll Workers Gave Ballot to Unregistered Non-Citizen

New Jersey Poll Workers Gave Ballot to Unregistered
Non-Citizen 1

Election workers in Essex County, New Jersey allowed an unregistered voter who was not an American citizen to “fill out completely a ballot,” Project Veritas reported.

Project Veritas sent an undercover voter, who admitted to being unregistered to vote and a non-citizen, to an Essex County polling location to determine whether election workers would enforce New Jersey’s election laws.

Project Veritas estimated that the election workers violated two laws.

The first law bans non-citizens from voting or registering to vote. The second bans poll workers from giving ballots to ineligible voters.

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The second law provides for a punishment of five years in prison or a $15,000 fine.

In the video, an election worker asked the undercover journalist if he voted in the last election.

“The presidential, uh yeah,” he responded.

“And did you register?,” she asked.

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“No, I wasn’t registered either,” he said.

“Are you registered now?,” she asked.

“Oh, I never filled anything out, no,” he said.

“Then I don’t see how you can vote, because you’re not registered,” she said.

After the woman starts to turn him away, another poll worker interjects: “No, remember, I do remember him,” the second worker said, apparently referring to the last election.

“Remember, we was allowing to come in,” she continued.

“We was allowing allowing anybody to come…,” a third election worker said.

It’s difficult to determine the speaker in each case because all the election workers are wearing masks.

“That was a presidential; this is a gubernatorial…,” one of the workers said.

The undercover journalist then agreed with their assessment: “Yeah, during the general they just let us…”

“Okay,” said the first election worker, who initially tried to prevent him from voting. “I’ll let you fill out completely a ballot now. Whether or not it’s going to count, I don’t know.”

“But I don’t know if it works because I’m an Irish,” the undercover voter began.

“It does work,” the first election worker said.

“But I’m an Irish citizen, I’m not…,” the undercover voter stated to put the election worker back on the right track.

She ignored his admission.

“It doesn’t matter. I mean, are you…Do you have some citizenship here?,” she asked.

“With the work visa, yeah,” he said.

Work visas do not grant citizenship or the right to vote.

“Listen, we’ll let you do it,” she said. “They’ll figure that out.”

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