New York Times withholds book about censorship from its bestseller list, thereby proving the book is more important than ever

New York Times withholds book about censorship from its
bestseller list, thereby proving the book is more important than
ever 1

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A conservative author named Michael Knowles recently published a very important book about censorship. The book is titled, “Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds.” It sold over 18,000 copies in the first week. Due to its early success, the book has topped the Amazon bestseller list and the Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list. However, the New York Times refuses to put the book on its top 15 bestseller list and are playing dirty politics by suppressing the book’s early success. Other left-leaning book titles made the list, despite receiving less than a third of the sales of this book.

Regnery Publishing claims the Times is suppressing a conservative book about censorship

The publisher, Regnery Publishing, claims the Times is intentionally suppressing the book from its bestseller list because it is authored by an up-and-coming conservative voice who isn’t afraid to talk about the politically-motivated censorship that is taking place in the US and around the world.

“It is our observation that the books that tend not to make it onto the Times list when you would expect that they would, tend to be books that are not congenial to the New York Times worldview,” Regnery publisher Tom Spence told the Daily Caller.

The New York Times responded to the allegations, enlisting their vice president of communications, Danielle Rhoades Ha. She shot down Knowles’ bestselling book because it “did not meet the standards for inclusion this week.” She balked about the censorship, saying that conservative authors have made the bestseller list in the past.

Regnery Publishing’s Tom Spence responded back, “The fact that they did not censor or discriminate against a conservative book in one case doesn’t mean that they haven’t done it in this case.”

NYT uses its bestseller list to promote left-wing politics

Upon closer observation, it appears that the Times does in fact use their bestseller list to promote certain left-wing topics, instead of honoring the book titles that actually sell the most copies. The Times bestseller list included book titles such as “On Juneteenth” – which only sold around 4,800 copies in the same period that Knowles’ book sold 18,000 copies. “On Juneteenth” received bestseller list fame because the NYT favors the book’s political agenda.

The Times uses their bestseller list to promote political agendas instead of honoring bestselling books that rose to fame on the merit of their content. They once promoted a book by Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, even though it ranked 1030 on Amazon.  This is how the dishonest publication promotes their political ideologies – by actively suppressing ideas and facts. Their censorship of “Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds.” thereby proves this book is more important than ever.

In a statement, the Times clarified that their bestseller list is based on polls or “unit sales reported on a confidential basis by vendors offering a wide range of general interest titles.” The Times says their list is based on sales data that is “statistically weighted to represent and accurately reflect all outlets proportionally nationwide.” In other words, the Times picks and chooses the winners, instead of letting the sales data speak for itself. The Times ignores the opinions of everyday Americans and suppresses what conservative Americans want to read. Tom Spence says the “standards” promoted by the Times have little to do with actual sales. According to Bookscan (a book sale tracker) numerous books became bestsellers but never appeared on the Time’s bestseller list.

“Gallup doesn’t go out and ask every single person in America how they are going to work, they select samples they think are representative,” Tom Spence said. “And that’s what the NYT list is. They get sales reports from certain selective bookstores. They keep it a secret though, [because this is] who they are.”

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