Olympic Swimming Now 'Racist' After Afro Swimcap Banned

Olympic Swimming Now 'Racist' After Afro Swimcap
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The International Swimming Federation, known as FINA, is reconsidering its decision to ban swim caps primarily worn by black swimmers from the Tokyo Olympics amid complaints that the move is “racist.”

The controversy erupted after FINA announced on June 30 that it was barring the Soul Cap — which is designed to accommodate thick dreadlocks, weaves and braids — because such a swim cap had never been used before at an Olympic Games.

The Switzerland-based organization explained that “athletes competing at the international events never used, neither require to use, caps of such size and configuration,” WTXF-TV reported Monday.

The group drew immediate backlash from left-wing Twitter users, who played the race card to attack FINA.

Olympic track-and-field gold medalist Michael Johnson slammed the organization in an angry rant.


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“So let me get this straight,” he tweeted. “@FINA1908 banning this cap because ‘it doesn’t conform to natural curvature of the head. HTF are you supposed to fit a cap that does that if you have thick long curly hair? Come on! Do better!”

Many others declared the organization was “racist.”


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FINA reacted to the escalating outcry by releasing a statement on Friday in which it said it “acknowledges the comments and reactions concerning the use of ‘Soul Cap’ swim caps in FINA competition.”

The international swimming body caved to left-wing criticism by saying it understands “the importance of inclusivity and representation.”

“FINA is committed to ensuring that all aquatics athletes have access to appropriate swimwear for competition where this swimwear does not confer a competitive advantage,” the group said in its statement.

“FINA is currently reviewing the situation with regards to ‘Soul Cap’ and similar products, understanding the importance of inclusivity and representation.”

For the record, the reason FINA banned the Soul Cap had nothing to do with trying to disenfranchise black athletes and everything to do with trying to ensure a level playing field so no competitor has an unfair advantage.

Is it racist to ban the Soul Cap?

Yes: 15% (5 Votes)

No: 85% (28 Votes)

But predictably, the left-wing Twitter peanut gallery hijacked the swim cap issue to make it about skin color.

FINA will undoubtedly reverse its decision soon because relentless left-wing mob attacks will ensure its eventual submission.

As it is, aspiring Olympians already have hijacked the forthcoming Olympic Games to virtue-signal and make anti-American political statements.

Last month, Gwen Berry used her third-place finish in the hammer-throwing competition at the U.S. Olympic trials to disrespect the American flag during the playing of the national anthem.

Ironically, back in 2015, Berry posted a photo of herself beaming with joy as she proudly held up the American flag after making the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. She did not medal at the Rio Games.

Berry’s dramatic transformation from a flag-waving patriot to a petulant anti-American activist underscores how influential race-hustling Democrats and their media puppets have been in affecting public opinion.

Like other leftists, it turns out that Berry — a self-professed activist — has a history of making racist comments about white people, Mexicans and Asians.

After more than a year of left-wing race riots and around-the-clock claims that everything is racist, it’s nauseating that people no longer can turn to sports as a respite from constant political grousing.

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are set to kick off July 23. One can only hope that left-wing athletes won’t turn the Games into an anti-American gripe-fest.

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